figuring out if i'm an empath or not

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hi, i'm new here :) first of all, english is not my mother tongue so please forgive me if i write something weird

about since the new year has started, i've been trying to figure out if i might be an empath. there are certain things that make me think so:

i feel highly affected by other people's mood and especially moodswings to the worse, without them having to express it (although i'm especially sensitive to voices). when i catch someone's bad mood, i get really jittery, nervous and anxious. sometimes it even triggers anxiety attacks. apart from normal symptoms that come with anxiety attacks and nervousness etc, there are no other physical effects though.

as soon as i sense the bad mood, i feel this overwhelming urge to fix things and i won't be able to control myself - i'll be desperately trying to make things better, get a smile from that person etc, because i just can't bear that mood.

i also feel that when i'm with other people, i tend to be almost electrified with too much energy (in a very negative way - like there's too much energy inside me to handle, which in the end just numbs me down enormously) and once i'm alone again i'm so drained and fatigued and need hours of alone time.

when i'm part of a crowd, it gets even worse. in example, although i approve of some political protests, i can't participate because i get immensely scared and overwhelmed with the dynamics of the crowd.

as part of an audience, i often feel like the nervousness of the (ie) actors is taking over me, making me feel close to tears.

i actually barely ever cry for myself, or about personal things in front of others. as soon as i'm confronted with someone (close to) crying, i could bawl my eyes out with them.

i try to be open and careful at the same time when it comes to things like extrasensory perception, etc - still, it's like i know that energy exchange is a huge influence in our daily lives and i try to keep myself very aware of how i word things and try to keep my thoughts and perspectives positive, because i feel like otherwise i might hurt somebody unintentionally with bad energy.

still, i was thinking that due to past slightly traumatic experiences (intense bullying, abusive friendships etc) maybe out of a need for self-protection, i might just be overly paranoid over people's mimics, voice and gestures. but somehow that doesn't add up that well either, since i've overcome quite some issues that were keeping me from healthy relationships in the past.

I also do miss things, and sometimes i indeed am oblivious to someone's pain. while i do have a good intuition and normally i can follow my guts with people, that took me a lot of experience and training, so i don't think it's something extraordinary in that department.

i'm sorry if this was a bit all over the place. i'd just love to now what you think about all that - and more importantly, what kind of feeling you get from me.

and nice meeting you all :)

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Trevor Lewis
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Hi thamara:

Yes, you are an empath - you have all the signs. Most of us started out here doubting ourselves - are we or aren't we. You are right on track. I'll post some reading material over on your home page in a few minutes.

You are in the right place. Welcome home!


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For what it's worth, I think you are an empath. And your English is fine.

I very much related to your self-doubt and questioning is it this or that, and not wanting to jump in and make assumptions that is is something out of the ordinary human range; or that it is not, perhaps, just some hyper-alertness c/- past trauma. I think it is helathy doubt. One doesn't want to fly off with the fairies and become entirely delusional, or ascribe paranormal explanations to things that have simple everyday explanations, or are in the normal human realm of discernment. It took me a long time to accept this thing was real, a very long time. I still wonder if I've just gone mad...

I don't particularly consciously 'read' people over the internet. I just pick up the overall feeling-tone and decide if I want to engage or not. What came to me was an immense but light sadness. Perhaps it is the sadness of not knowing if you fit in or not in the world. That's how it felt, a tired sadness. Life is very lonely and tiring, sometimes, particularly when you are doing other people's feelings for them against your own will,

Anyway, welcome. Hope you find some answers or verification for yourself here.

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Hi...your definitely an empath...absorbing other peoples' energy and mood switching at will is definitely a few indicators of being empathic....just now..was at my place of work having a bit of a break before I start work again...was feeling pretty good when a co-worker walks up and started talking to say the least he was irate at something that had happened on his bus...I gave him a bit of ceder...but I was suddenly feeling quite tired and drained...HE was looking better and much happier...he entered my energy field and whoosh....within the few minutes we talked...and his energy felt not's an ongoing struggle even though i've known for a few years what i'm sensing and I gotta go to work this I know definitely know how you feel...welcome...
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hi trevor!

thanks a lot for the warm lovely welcome and all the helpful links! i really appreciate it and i can't wait to read through it :)

thank you so much!

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thanks a lot!

yeah, that describes my doubts exactly. i guess i probably just have to get more used to the term and to get a better view of what life is like for other empaths and then i'll probably be fine.

i think you've read me well, i couldn't have described my sadness better in so little words - immense but light really pinpoints it. as well as really tired and also constantly looking for my place in the world.

thank you, i do feel closer to my answers now!

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yeah such things happen to me constantly, too. that's why i always try to keep my distance from negative people. but sometimes you just can't seem to get around them, especially at work etc.

thank you!

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