Empaths at a tipping point?

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Trevor Lewis
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I just re-watched Simon Sinek's TED talk "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" which I recommend for every leader would-be leader regardless of your field.

In this video he talks about "Something called the law of diffusion of innovation, if you don't know the law, you know the terminology. The first 2.5% of our population are our innovators. The next 13.5% of our population are our early adopters. The next 34% are your early majority, your late majority and your laggards. The only reason these people buy touch-tone phones is because you can't buy rotary phones anymore. (Laughter). We all sit at various places at various times on this scale, but what the law of diffusion of innovation tells us is that if you want mass-market success or mass-market acceptance of an idea, you cannot have it until you achieve this tipping point between 15 and 18 percent market penetration, and then the system tips."

It got me wondering about how many empaths are out there. I've seen suggestions at 5-10% of the population. Then again, we know that consciousness is rising rapidly, if not exponentially, right now. Empath self-awareness is growing fast. What sort of a world will we be living in when we make up 15-18% of the world's population?

Your thoughts?




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That's interesting, Trevor. I haven't watched the video yet, but just my opinion about the empath percentage, that seems really low to me. I think the majority of people are empaths, but possibly only that small percentage knows it :)

I remember reading somewhere that about 20% of the population are HSP. Maybe HSP is the precursor to Empath. Empath is not a well-known term currently, but HSP is. So hopefully the world will catch on eventually to us empaths as we grow in numbers, and then the world will start to cater more to our population :)

My next thought is...what percentage of the world population are: spiritually connected, have ESP (advanced HSP), have metaphysical and/or paranormal abilities, have experienced enlightenment, and/or are enlightened (able to maintain enlightenment the majority of the time)? I'd like to know those stats! :)

Loving light~

Trevor Lewis
last year
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Good points Lotusfly.

Here are my own working definitions of Empath and HSP:

  • Empath: Someone who takes on the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of other people as if they were their own. This ability may exist regardless of physical proximity, range of the five physical senses, or intellectual knowledge of the activities of the other person.
  • Highly Sensitive Person (HSP): Empaths can be considered a group within HSPs. Being highly sensitive may or may not include empath abilities as an HSP may only have extreme sensitivity to some or all of the recognized five external senses; sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. An empath has a connection to other people that goes beyond what is usually considered to be the five senses.

I do agree that there are probably large numbers of empaths out there who don't realize they are empaths. The difference is that, when we truly know we are empaths, we stop trying to fix the emotions going through our body under the false assumption that they are our own. That in itself makes a huge difference.


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