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You're doing great work, Gem! I believe healers need extra rest for the great work they do. I hope you take time for lots of loving self-care too. There is a fine balance with energy work. It is a great service to help instill more life in others and it helps to recharge. Have you noticed this about yourself?

I notice this with myself, just going out in public and trying to maintain my energy and mind/emotional state. I am learning how much rest and care I require to be my best, and it is not in line with society's current view lol. I aspire to be a healer someday. For now, I'm continuing to heal within. I find the winter to be a good time for rest, reflection, and self-care (self-love, gratitude, acceptance too!).

I know you're going to be a great healer. You have a big heart and a lot of love to give :) If you make sure you direct some (or a lot) of it towards yourself you'll be golden! :)


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