1247, and numerology

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I have no idea what this number means in numerology but I kept thinking of doing something specific at 12:47 and then 'good fortune' would follow and yesterday what I wanted to do was done at 12 47 and then I was met with the opposite of good fortune (seemingly) I think the situation could somehow become better but at any rate, I have read of people having premonitions that they would have good fortune if they did 'something' under specific conditions, I would like some input on this because I am curious now and once I am very curious I need to find the answer, also that 1111 and 22 22 333 etc repeat number phenomena that kept occurring around the world I have experienced it but have only been met with very bad luck when it happened (some claim bad luck others claim good luck around these occurrences) and I doubt it is just confirmation bias with people seeing those numbers as people usually look into the meaning behind it after seeing them so much (like I did). So, does anyone have an opinion of 1247? I read on a site that it means

Angel Number 1247 is amessage from your angelsthat your dedication to maintaining a positive attitudeand mind-set has resulted in your prayers being answered. Stay focused upon your spiritual path and be true to yourself. Allow miracles to happen in your life.

^ I try not to become dark and cynical but I do not pray and honestly I would like to know the truth about these numbers because they screwed me over big time before.

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Premonitions aren't always easy to interpret. One good rule of thumb is "if your motivations are pure and based on love" then any action based on a perceived premonition should have a good outcome. If the motivation is greed, lust, anger, fear, etc, what would follow might not be so good.

Repetitive numbers like 111 often seem to be trying to grab our attention, at least in dreams. I don't know what 1247 would mean specifically, but it could have special meaning for you.

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In Numerology 1247 breaks down to the Number 5.

Not knowing you personally I have no clue if this number means anything to you, etc.

I would recommend doing a search on the number 5 to see if any of it's various meanings resonate or make sense to you.

Here are a few links in reference to Numerology : (I would recommend looking for "a Number 5 Year represents "; Cycle Number 5 meaning, etc.)

Life Path Number 5 :http://www.tokenrock.com/numerology/life-path-5.html

General Reference : http://www.numerology.com/numerology-numbers/5

Personality Number :http://www.decoz.com/Numerology_PersonalityA5.htm

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This site has been very helpful for me in explaining the numbers I see. I hope you may find it beneficial Lao G :) Love and Light xxxx Namastehttp://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.ca/p/index-numbers.html

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thank you for the replies and it seems the number 5 which is what 1247 adds up to relates to the person in my 'good fortune' premonition i have yet to see the good fortune i had anticipated manifest but i feel there is still a hope.

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