Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer
2 years ago
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I cannot speak for anyone else, however, some energy....just makes me feel bad, sometimes to the point of getting physically ill. Not scared, just don't want to put myself through what I feel when I absorb "negative" energy. This is why I personally protect. I seem to be a sponge when it comes to picking up the stuff that makes me feel 'yuck'.
Trevor Lewis
Trevor Lewis
2 years ago
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Hi Bruce,

Well I am sure you must be responding, at least in part, to my blog about gridding so the least I can do is dive in here. And my apologies for bringing up any unwanted feelings if that is the case.

First let me answer about where I am coming from. I avoid using terms like evil and even negative energy. When we use this type of terminology we keep fear going in the world and there is always the risk of feeding it. The challenge is like how do we encourage people to wear seat-belts without scaring them half-to-death with why they should wear them. There are really good reasons for wearing seat belts. I am not sure that it is necessary to show most people graphic videos so that they get the point.

Secondly for you. Without permission to go in specifically for you, let me answer in generalities. If I can talk about past lives, I certainly believe that many of us carry debris left over from previous incarnations. Many of us were persecuted, tortured and killed in past lives for doing work that we could call "light work". Many potential light workers, in my opinion, have a subconscious memory along the lines of "tried that last lifetime and look what happened. Not going back there again, thank you!". And as I am writing this I keep wondering about what work you have done in past lifetimes in terms of "dark and dense energies" (working against them not for them!). Hypothetically in the reincarnation model, if you worked against these energies in past lives, and fared poorly in your physical body for doing so, it could certainly leave you with strong emotions about acknowledging them in this life time.

Hope this provides some value for you.



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