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Ive been wondering about this for it seems like forever. And now finaly i can ask other similar people to me. I feel like i am highly equainted with physical pain. Im a HSP and was born this way. I remember pain as a child and i used to absorb people emotions i felt so much physical pain all over and overwhelmed to the point it just hurt to be alive.

Im wondering if i may have had some kind of pain syndrome as a child as i now have been diagnosed with fibromyagia which is essentialy a pain syndrome.

But i wondered if this has come about cos of the constant pain i used to feel as a child and having my sensory system overwhelmed so badly on such a daily basis like this. School was torturous for me. I used to vomit down the toilet and have migranes on a very regular basis i dont know how many times a week. I wished id been home schooled. I feel i just was made too sensitive for the world really. And that normal life is just agonising for me physicaly.

To feel other people emotions all of them and then my own negative ones is very energieticly painful. TO be around movement and noise is painful all sensory stimulus is painful. I dont know not everyone who is an empath is a HSP. Maybe i need to find a highly sensitive forum to ask this. But can anyone relate to this level of body pain.?

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Kit Kat
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Hi Lilly,

From what I've read, most empaths are HSPs, so this is a pretty good place for this question, I think :) I can relate to what you said about how emotional pain turned into physical pain for you.

Empaths who aren't highly sensitive might not understand this quite as much, but I'm highly sensitive, and I think that has dramatically effected my health. Guilt causes pain for me (in addition to being around others who are suffering), so I've had pain throughout my life in different ways. It wasn't as bad as yours sounds like it was, but it was still really hard.

The way I like to describe being an HSP is "having a heightened nervous system." It's like you said - too much noise, and too much going on can be really overwhelming. Just recently I was having so much anxiety from hearing my sister doing the dishes that I had to go outside and lay down. :/

That's terrible that you had to go through all that! I hope you're in a better place in your life now.

We really are too sensitive for the world a lot of the time :)

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I was beginning to experience even more pain lately (in the front/sides of my neck), as if my fibro was advancing. And I read someone's comment that 40% of fibro ends up escalating. And I've read that many type + blood types born to a mother with a - blood type are likely to have anemia. And the list goes on :)

I was afraid that I had anemia and I would eventually become physically handicapped due to my fibro. My worry about this impending future made my pain worse. Just thinking about it made the pain worse. And I noticed my thoughts affecting my physical body. And it got so bad I had to leave the house, because essentially, I realized, the pain in my throat would flare each time I had a horribly negative thought and kept it to myself. Each time I felt trapped but wanted to be free. I felt pain in my body, especially my throat. Because I have so much to say from 3+ decades of being an introvert and trying not to hurt others, choosing to swallow the pain, repress my negative thoughts, not express my negative feelings (or my feelings of joy), feeling utterly repressed and trapped in a life that I felt wasn't my choice. Wanting to speak up but not doing so. Those thoughts get stored in my physical body. My soul wanting to fly but feeling as if I'm in prison, that push-pull is like a workout on my body, even though my body is not moving, especially because my body is not moving.

The fact that my body is not moving in line with my soul is the cause of my fibromyalgia.

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Hi Lilly. You share my granddaughters name. Yes, I started have those sick headaiches at the age of 9. I have always had stomache problems. All ways throwing up when I would get nervous or scared. Doctors always said I had stomach spasms but my narcissist parents caused most o the nervousness. The sick headaches still come and go. I hurt all the time. From my hips down ache. I have never been been told I had fib to but I hate going to the doctors. I do take on the physical pain of others as well as mental. Don't like it. I have resentlly had a young greiving mothers pain from loosing her child but when I touched her it can though as physical pain in my chest around my heart. I had posted it on here about the experience and I was at Walmart when it happen. Then someone replied and said she was at Walmart on the same day with a friend and she experienced the same thing but we live indifferent states. I fell like she felt it come though me and was linked to me some how. It's not all bad though because if you will knows you can feel the good vibes off of people also and they feel so good.
Guided Eagle
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I dont really get pain to much. My thing is if its something really bad I get sick to my stomach.

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I totally understand I wake up exhausted and go to bed the same I have headaches often I also have IBS,and back problems and am always in some type of pain and when I go out in public my pain intensifies not in areas where I usually would hurt but in odd places I also pick up a lot of people's emotions I seem to go from happy to sad in a split second then the next moment I can feel overwhelmed and angry I used to think that it was just normally when you go shopping you get upset you get stressed out but this is so different that is why I came to this for him to learn more about things that are happening with myself and I guess it feels good to hear other people stories to know that I'm not crazy LOL
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My physical pain centers in my abdomen. If it is really toxic, I will literally get stomach pains to the point of vomiting. I protect myself as much as possible but there are days where it still creeps in. I try to stay positive and harbor love but sometimes it is no match for the toxicity that I am subject to on a daily basis at my workplace. After this filing season is over, I will seek out another firm.
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Hi all thanks for this all your comments make sense to me we are more sensitive to others toxic energies and absorb it and then its in us reaking havok! Cat whisperer i can totaly relate to what youve said about your stomach i used to get this at school/ I used to throw up too. I also used to get horrengous migranes when at school as well. I was so often in the toilets during classes. The best thing to do is get out the place like you have said you will. I hope your next place is better energy.

It is hard to be so sensitive to others stuff that it inflicts pain and suffering on you. But its true that we can make a difference by staying possitive but thats not always possable when you go into despair. But im working on mine I have to accept pain is just a big part of my life and find ways to reduce it as much as possable and increase the good stuff. I think there are lots of ways to do this not just positive thinking but actions as well like what we eat and getting excersise as well and other spiritual practices and therapies.

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