My pet came to visit me!

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My friend brought her puppy to my place and it reminded me of my house cat that died of sickness at 16. He was my favorite since he was very much like me. Kept to himself, didn't like to be bothered, he'd scare others for fun (I was 11 and my brother and I would scare him and others for fun), knew how to use the toilet too.I always think of him.Well later as I slept I had a strange dream and I knew it. He tried to hide but in my dreams I always spot the ones close to me. In a crowded area that was far out of my sight, I seen him prancing among the crowd and going into the distance. I knew my voice would open his ears and only three times. I call the first to get his attention, the second to make him notice me, then the third time he's making his way towards me. This one is just like me, as he comes he makes you wait by taking his sweet time.Once we were close I looked at his black fur and noticed a flea collar and wondered where it came from, he always found ways to take them off, but he looked great! I rubbed him while staring into his eyes to hear him meow once. I look at his fur again to see it is in clumps, just as it was before he was put to sleep. I woke up immediately. I've never dreamed of a dead person but to see this amazes me. It also made me a bit sad but I was so happy to see him!!! I miss him everyday. I feel like he was the only living thing that was like me in every way.
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I've been visited by departed pets, and not just my own. Sometimes they come to me in dreams. They just show up, as if to say "See, I'm not really gone! I'm OK." I had a very intense experience when a friend's dog visited me while I was awake. I could feel her feelings and the intense love she had for her owner - it blew me away. I just lost a dog suddenly last month and I think she visits me regularly. I can feel her soft, fluffy energy hugging me. I've been told that at least two of my other dogs are hanging around me a lot, too.

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I still to this day here residual cat collar bell sound in my parents house. It always reminds me of the family cat we put down nearly 10 years ago. Makes me happy her free spirit is still around :)
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Oh, those Golden Retreivers. My Golden Retreiver "Red" visited me but not in a dream. In person and whiling meditating. I loved that old boy so much. But one night while I was meditating he left with a dear friend that had passed years earlier. I miss them both

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