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Very few know about AUTOPATHY and I am trying to spread the word as practioners are Rare and this is a field that many Empaths could possibly turn into a career.It is almost free to learn (buy the book) and it is meant as a self empowering method that almost anyone can do, not continually spend money on visits to trained professional.More info is here:http://www.autopathy.infoThere is a FREE WEBINAR (2hrs) on Wed Feb.17thBasically, you take a person's prana/chi and create a (homeopathic like) remedy and apply to the 3rd eye.This effects a person on all levels and usually people notice a feeling of well-being almost immediately. Because this remedy is made from your own coded information it knows exactly what needs correction and addresses the most critical first. It often works from the inside (organs and such) to the outside (skin conditions) and often top to bottom.The remedy works like a tuning fork and sets the being on a path of harmonizing so the body can heal itself.Many 'incurable' conditions have been completely healed.This is energy medicine, something that Empaths should be quite in tune with.***********Along with this superior way of healing, there is AUTOHEMOTHERAPY. THIS ALSO NEEDS TO BE SPREAD FAR AND WIDE. Basically it is the withdrawing of one's own blood (approximately 20cc and immediately injecting back into same persons body; usually 5cc in each leg and each arm). This will increase the macrophages from 5% to 22% for about 5 days, so repeating weekly is often necessary to bring about a cure.(Macrophages are versatile cells that play many roles. As scavengers, they rid the body of worn-out cells and other debris. Along with dendritic cells, they are foremost among the cells that present antigens, a crucial role in initiating an immune response)Please spread the word...~*~...
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