Physical Scratches

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My son and his wife has been waking up with different scratches on their body. I have read it's possible for "spirits" or what ever word works best for you , can do this. We did a cleansing with sage and thought for a while it worked but it has started happening again. Any suggestion or advice? Thoughts on the subject? My daughter in law doesn't really believe in this so could her being unsure of if its real hinder the cleansing. ?
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Yes..spirit can scratch humans...i've woken up with scratches and bruises...I always just ask them to not do that...that it isn't nice...and I know they're there so it's not necessary...if they want to stay it's ok...but NO physical injury...most of the time it works...but I also smudge my house on a regular basis...I used to be afraid so I would demand them to leave...but when I thought about it more...if they're coming to see me..they may ned smudging I ask my spirit guides if anyone in the house at this moment needs help to go please escort them to where they need to go...while smudging I will always ask for all fear...anger...hatred to dissolve from all who's present including spirit...I include everyone...even the ones doing the may take a bit...he may just move on on his own...or find someone to help him...and no...your daughter in law doesn't need to believe...although...waking up with scratches sort of changed my mind rather use a full traditional smudge for those occasions when I suspect I have visitors of a darker sort...or I require assistance from the Great Spirit and other spirit can leave the door open as well and ask them to question I have...did they aquire anything new? .or second hand?
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This is a difficult subject.As much as many ppl don't like to believe this, nor want to know, ETs are known for scratches, bruises, implants and other oddities left during sleep. Some 'spirits' also do this.There is a group -The Bases Project- that sometimes posts about this topic with sometimes extreme examples and Miles Johnson does many interviews with people having varying experiences, on YouTube, check the Bases Project.You will be stepping into the world of extreme weirdness, often greater then the mind can comprehend.

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