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Do any of you get totally exhausted at your jobs, or even just from life? I've been an at home mom and a work from home mom for 20 years. I've had jobs at home and out of the house during that time, but I've only worked full time or close to it twice in those years and one of those times is now. I took a 30 hour a week job at the end of October and I'm utterly shattered at the end of the day. It feels discouraging because my main job is being a writer and a mom, but I don't have any energy left for either of those after a day of work, or for hanging out with friends or enjoying nature or doing art or music or anything that makes me happy. I pretty much just go to my job, come home and lay down exhausted until it's time to go to sleep, then repeat that pattern every day. I do yoga so at least I'm getting some exercise, but that's about all I can do. I don't feel that way on the weekends or holidays when I don't have work, but it sort of hangs heavy on me on work days, and when I know the next day is a work day, too. When my coworkers say they are tired at the end of the day, I know they aren't my level of tired, even when their jobs are harder or more stressful than mine and they work more hours. There's tired, then there's this kind of tired that is hard to function under.

I don't love the job, but it's not a bad job. I work at a school that I love with coworkers that I love and with kids that I love. There is really no reason I should feel like this about this job, but I do and I don't know why. I worked at the same school for much fewer hours last year and the beginning of this school year in a different position. I loved it and had fun doing it, and it felt balancing to me. I took this new position for more hours and money and it is draining me dry.

I keep wondering if it's a thyroid thing or a healing thing as I'm healing from some trauma stuff in childhood and other things or maybe it's the fact that it's winter and my body is trying to hibernate, or whatever else I can think of. I think it's all those things, but I think the big one is the fact that I'm an empath. I know something is draining me there, but I have no idea what. When I worked full time before about 14 years ago, I was like this, too. My work took everything out of me and there was nothing left. I worked with energy vampires in that old job. I wonder if I work with some here, too. I just can't tell. Have any of you had experience with extreme exhaustion from your jobs?

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Hi Sarah :)

I think you answered this yourself :)

Something somewhere is draining and exhausting you.... So many factors to where, how and why.... Childhood trauma, overworked, no you/family time.... its environmental stress and needs change.... but, where do you start?

I think there is the element of today`s world where we are believing work is the only main ingredient of life itself, working to live is no better incentive than living to work - life is the gift to live to the fullest but, who in this day does?

We are coming into a new age, a new era and as it stands here on earth we are being forced to place work efforts, time and threat of inability to provide over anything of real importance, such as our family, our health and our interests that has us loving life at all.

So what to do? Only you know what is right for you, have you looked into part time work? A time out period if possible?

I dont really have the ability to quit my job (if only) I am stuck, like most, having to go through the motions of earning to live.... drained and shattered from a continued ludicrous alteration of shifts and long hours, trying to block the negativity of coworkers bitching and stressing about each other, not really understanding my job role per se, its a case of thrown in at the deep end, if (in my case) you still dont really keep up after three months then you must be stupid.... Very draining.

The problem I face is my qualifications and experience lay within the job that my empathic `gift` left me not only vulnerable but, extremely wary of ever returning to (one to one care of adults with learning disabilities)- to say I absorbed negativity is an understatement.

I took a job that came along just as a means of income... now, I am stuck. I am looking for part time work or at least a job description that allocates a set time frame as opposed to crazy shifts but, experience and qualification has become a joke even in regards to the simplest of employment...

I have no clue where to go or what to do with work life really - That is not to say you are the same. You sound as if you have experience and qualifications - Can you not use them to look for a position catering more to your satisfaction?

Teaching on the side from home?, extra tuition for the student who finds certain subjects difficult?

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Hello Sarah~ The world of work can be extremely exhausting for me also. I have had a very similar experience recently and I will share with you what has worked for me.

I was working a <30 hours a week at a job for about 2 years; I worked in my own classroom and had only 3 other colleagues in my office. It worked great for me, except I couldn't live off the pay. So I had to look for more. For the last 8 months I've been working 2 jobs, and 40 hours + a week with over 20+ other staff. The first few months I was toast at the end of the day. Very much like you described. So, I had to figure out what I was going to do.

First I had to accept that I'm not like these other 'earth' people who live to work. I have to have very clear balance in my life. So, I started to meditate daily; this has been essential. It helps me balance; I also thought I needed to learn 'shielding' but what I've discovered is that 'shielding' is just as exhausting for me as being completely open. So I found meditations that helped me align my energies, and open my heart without absorbing other peoples energy.

I also started taking BACH Flower remedies that have seemed to do wonders.

Last but not least sometimes I have forced myself to do things I don't want to do; like go for a walk when I'm exhausted and feel like my feet can't carry me I go anyway. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But I try. I've also heard, but don't practice well, eating well, trying to eat less processed foods; not my strong suit.

I know that you will find what works best for you; if that means less hours, or a different line of work; that might be an option; or it might mean finding a balance.
I know the essential part for me has been meditation.
Be well.

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I was having the same thought as you today actually. I saw the article about being able to turn off your empathy. I still haven't managed to actually learn how to do this. I agree with you in that growing up I felt like I never had the same level of energy as others. For instance, in middle and high school, I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that people could put in an 8 hour school day and then play a sport for 2 more hours. I felt so lazy/inactive but it never felt feasible or physically possible. (I am able-bodies and I did end up managing the lacrosse team.) I know this comment probably isn't much of any help other than knowing that I'm right there with you! And I'm also here wondering how others deal with fatigue. I tried taking vitamin D3 which did nothing to boost my energy, but I know being in sunlight for extended periods of time/living in sunny places has been proven to improve energy levels (esp. in people with SAD). Do you take multivitamins and have any vitamins had an effect on you? Certain medications (antidepressants, hormone therapy, birth control, etc.) can create a fatigue effect on you. I'm not a medical professional but sometimes getting blood work done helps rule out factors like anemia, etc. (even just to put you at ease, mentally). I just try to make sure I get as much sleep as possible every night, which does not happen most of the time, as a college student. If I'm tired during the day, I try to nap. I try not to take my body's "tired" cues for granted. It also might help to keep a log of what tasks you feel more fatigued during and after. For example, is the feeling specific to working with computers, driving or riding cars, being in other modes of transit, taking care of children, being around adults..? And that's a great point you bring up about the healing and spiritual causes. You probably know yourself best about what your brain and body are processing as of now!

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