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last year
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Realized I really suck at picking the right words so I'll keep this short;Very grateful someone shared this article with me and the video was mind blowing to process. Wanted to pay it forward by sharing it here IN CASE others feel the same way I do. If you don't that perfectly okay. That's what that little X is for at the top right part of your screen :) information is meant to be shared, what you retain and what you discard is your choice
updated by @eva: 01/19/17 07:09:58AM
Cheshire Cat
last year
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Hi Eva,

I love everything at LonerWolf, and have read or watched just about everything they have there over the past year. I may not always agree, but usually do, and it's always interesting and/or fun. I especially like Luna's articles.

The second video was new for me and was helpful in organizing my thoughts about the people I meet and why they are the way they are, though I found it a bit too business oriented for me, but that is just me. My mission is not at all in that direction.

I'm sure many people will enjoy one or both links. :-)

Cheshire Cat

Kit Kat
last year
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Thanks! I especially like the part of the article that talks about how being empaths is our natural state of being. I believe that, too.

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