Finally put a word to it - New Empath

2 years ago
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Hi everyone :)I am 36, and 5 days ago finally everything made sense, when I found the traits of an empath... I have felt this way ever since I can remember, but i couldn't describe it, wasn't even sure what I felt was real.I was in shock, amazed, euphoric but mostly relieved I guess, to find out first that I am not crazy or constantly paranoid!I need help from here... Especially when it comes to career path.I hope someone can help me :)Much love....
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2 years ago
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I wish I could help you concerning a career path - It would mean I would have an insight as to my own :)

I just know, I cannot work in a certain field, my academic skills and employment experience now obsolete - I will never put myself into such a vulnerable position again.

I now work in a kitchen, long hours, disorientating shift patterns and terrible pay :( -

I think the realization you are not crazy or paranoid is fantastic - So many people out there being medicated and labeled mentally ill but, are in fact awakening spiritual beings :)

2 years ago
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Oh, me too, and I'm 56!!! I'm looking for a job and I realize that I need to avoid medical offices because of the extra load of stress. We're all here to help each other out, so good luck!

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