More of a curse then a gift. Any advice?

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Everything you read about empaths always says being an empath is a gift and a curse.

To me its more of a curse than a gift.

I only found out that I was an empath a few months ago, but looking back I feel like it has affected my life since childhood. I have this thing about me that I have to help everyone. I need to help everyone. And in doing so, I lost myself, completely. I am so tired and broken from everything that I can no longer help anyone. I just feel everyones pain. Its like its screaming inside my head. I feel like I am connected to every single person around me. Some more then others. Its like where ever I go I connect to people, like this line reaches from me to them and I take in everything without meaning too. All of the feelings have accumulated to the point that i cant function properly. It feels like they are screaming inside in my head and when they arent I can feel their suffering behind everything. Every where I look I only see pain. I look into somebodys eyes, I dont see their happiness, I only see pain. There is so much pain. All around us. I cant take it anymore. I need this to stop. I need to get my life back.

Im so tired and broken. I cant stop from feeling what everyone else is feeling. I dont have enough energy to do anything about it. I know that there are exercises that help you "dial" down the connections and etc. but I just dont have enough energy to do them. The screaming in my head over powers everything.

I wish there was some cleansing I could do. To start fresh.

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Trevor Lewis
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This question seems to come up in one form or another every few weeks here (apologies to repeat readers). You are in the right place! You are not crazy! You are no longer alone, you are now part of a community that has been where you are!

Some material for you to get you going...

  1. Elise'sEmpath Survival Program.
  2. Donna Eden'sZip Up Technique (at 7:15 in the video)
  3. theTools for the Empathgroup
  4. Thriving As An Empath - "we suffer as empaths when we are only in receptor mode, we thrive as empaths when we step into healer mode". The technique in this paper is my own favorite for reasons that will be obvious when you go there. I personally use this technique every day and many of the people I have shared this with have had a lot of success with the exercise contained here. The main principle here is that it is about reversing the flow so that instead of from-them-to-you it becomes from-Source-through-you-to-them. Try it every day for a week (preferably multiple times a day) and you WILL feel different!

For some people being an empath feels like a liability now but it is a gift, an honor and a privilege to have this ability. Enjoy reading the articles.



Kit Kat
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I think the feeling that this is also a gift comes when you figure out how to use your abilities in everyday life, to help people. Who is more understanding than us? :) Who is more compassionate?

Not everyone has such depth of consciousness, like we do... That does mean that we are extra conscious of the pain and sadness, true. But we're also extra conscious of the happiness, fun, laughter, fulfillment, and beauty of life - especially as we work to bring this kind of light into our lives.

Starting fresh is always good! I love how it's possible to start fresh at any moment. My advice to you is to look for the things that you can change in your life in order to bring more light into it. This really could be anything. I think if you do this, you will be able to see the good in the world far more. "The world is a mirror" is one of my favorite concepts, because of how true it is.

Lastly, you don't have to help everyone to fulfill a meaningful purpose. Helping one person is excellent, even if it is only yourself.

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Thank you Kit Kat for your reply! It gave me a peace of mind:)

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Thanks Trevor for your reply. I will definitely try out those techniques

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It's more of a curse when you're a newbie, like me, and you just found out about it. To achieve happiness, you need to train and practice extensively on how to deal with it. I'm just learning that myself.

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First let me start my sending you so much love and light . I too have had moments where I felt the curse part of being an empath but I learned to look within , listen and find what helps me. It sounds like your heart chakra is wide open I would start with some grounding. What has worked for me is grounding , chakra cleansing or clearing, sage, a nightly soak in a hot bath , and crystals. I recently purchased a black agate and smoky Quartz piece that has really helped me. There are many things you can do but the number one thing is self love. Love yourself for who you are, you are unique and wonderful. You have a gift. Be proud. Set limits and boundaries in your life and understand that doing so is a good thing for everyone you love. Reclaim your life. Try starting with a mantra to repeat through out the day. I have used " I'm willing to see this situation differently " and " I'm going to love myself through this." I also use the technique of reminding myself that the issue I am exposed to or negative energy is not mine. I wish them well but I do not have to take on their problem. I wish you all the best in your awakening as an empath and I hope this was helpful.

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