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Who has experience with Orgonite and Orgone energy?

I have several pieces of Orgonite.

When I first bought an Orgonite pyramid, I could feel a very calm energy from it. It was strong at first then I adapted. With it, I felt immense energetic and mental clarity. It actually felt in our house as though we were suddenly in the country. So clear.

When I went to a shopping center I was far less overwhelmed.It doesn't shield others' energies but somehow it helps a lot. I suspect it allows me to focus on and sense specific things rather than myriad sources of energy coming at me. I don't know, but it is very helpful to me.

I have far less problems with electromagnetic fields. Electrical lights have a different quality, clearer and crisper, as though a smog has been cleared away.

Anyone else have Orgonite?


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