Nasty "dream/nightmatre" -- or attack?

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Two nights ago I had multiple out-of-body experiences in one night and later a very nasty "dream/nightmare".

If you're squeamish etc. please don't read on. It played out for only 10 sec or so. My younger brother was in front of me, his arm was held awkwardly and he had a marking on his back. He looked in pain and something seemed off. I started looking at him and said "we need to get a doctor to look at him". A heavy-set man with black hair and a black beard came around the side of my brother. He said "we're doctors*" and proceeded (stop here if squeamish!) to slice his skin from ear to underneath the chin and yellow-green fluid came out. The "dream" stopped suddenly.

*Actually he said we're GPs, general practitioners, a term we us in Australia but I'm not sure about elsewhere.

I keep saying "dream/nightmare" because it had an odd quality to it, more like it was a movie clip of a scene running. I have the distinct feeling it was projected into my consciousness, rather than being my dream. There's just something not quite right about it.

Can anyone here suggest what could be going on?

I don't recall much about the out-of-body experiences at all. I only know I was having them and the tell-tale-sign over the years is that I fumble around trying to turn a light on without success and (after years of this happening) I quickly realize I'm not awake, then I wake up and actually turn the light on.



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Hi...for me all dreams are a form of communication with the spirit world...even nightmares can be a message of some sort...although that kind of communication is a form of attack by certain kinds of spirit....fear is a type of energy and there are certain spirit who feed on our they create a scary dream....I've had very vivid dreams which resembled very good animation type movies....the visual effects so good....I'm always amazed....dreams are usually a mixture of messages and images that seem to make sense like a movie...but I've learned enough to know that it's all bits and pieces of messages coming in all at once...and we have to pick them apart...or wait till it makes sense...say your going along...something happens then a memory of a part of a dream surfaces...and I make the connection....anyway...I have a braid of sweetgrass over my bed to protect against nightmares. ...I've had a lot less nasty dreams since it's been I have my spirits to guide me through the dreams...and I smudge around my bed before sleeping....for extra protection....a few times It was suggested I smudge before sleep, I ignored the suggestion and I had baaad now if it's suggested I'll light one no questions if you travelled during sleep you may have attracted the attention of a spirit who followed you back...and provided you with the nightmare....

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All dreams are a form of communication with the spirit world? Interesting perspective.

I think as you say this "nightmare" is a form of attack by something. The good thing is that I seem to be able to see it for what is. I mean it could have some power over me or some genuine effect on me if I experienced it as "more real". However it seemed obviously a broadcast and simply realizing that takes away it's influence, I feel.

Thanks. S

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I take sleep meds so I don't dream because of the nightmares. I'm sure I dream but don't remember them but I have experienced some awful events while meditation. I usually stay centered during meditation but I could not pull away from what was happening in the meditation. It was very awful , I had to stop the meditation to get away from it . And , as faith would have it , the next morning the house we was buying had fell though and I was beside myself so I told a healer on this forum about it and he knew right away what it was and who was doing it. It was my neighbor and she was playing with dark forces and he told me to surround her and her house with love and light so I did and the awful cloud over me lifted and I felt so much better but the morning after the bad meditation , when the realtor had called and said we was out bided I felt a force come at me with vengeance and I had my granddaughter in my lap and as it approached me I put my arm and hand out and said out loud "no your not" "stay away". and it stopped. This happened before I had talked to the healer. I don't know how I knew the energy was coming toward me, I just felt it come at me very fast and I don't know how I blocked it with my hand and words. I can think about it now and still cringe.

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