Trevor Lewis
Trevor Lewis
3 years ago
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Hi Ashley,

I started realizing that I had been a lifelong empath in 2012. Shortly after, "They" started showing me how to do healing work. Although I never do my full emotion clearing work without explicit permission from both The Guides and from the recipient, I do send light and energy to the people from whom I "pick up stuff"

I regard picking up their stuff as the request for support.

Some people have told me that I shouldn't be sending ANY light and energy without permission. I regard that as over the top. It's almost like saying you shouldn't smile at people you pass on the street without permission. There is a time, a place and a right way for everything.

You have to decide for yourself what feels right for yourself.

Bottom line though - for me, being an empath is not the destination. It is a signpost on the road to becoming a healer (some people will want me to rephrase that as "becoming a facilitator of healing" which is longer but more accurate).

Hope this helps,


3 years ago
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Hi Ashley,For starters, look at the free empath training, etc provided by Elise if you haven't already....also look into Elaine Aron, HSP (highly sensitive people). There is a physical reason why some people are more sensitive (short iliads in insula in brain) and they also have tips for dealing with Life.I find these gifts tend to be a double edged sword and it is a process with a very individual path.

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