Living in the present

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I must learn how to do this. I'm always far ahead of time at all times.These visions, these dreams of the future are so hard to ignore. Each day it is like I wait for one of them. It is no way of living. I must learn to accept these dreams while living day to day.What makes it so hard you wonder? It is like being told about a scene in a movie. Now, as you watch this movie for the first time you "search" and wait for this scene to happen to judge it yourself. Imagine it being applied to life. It could make you lazy since you know what is coming.Times can't be altered or changed. Even by knowing I still made the decisions that would lead me to do what I seen in a dream. It is so strange.Even with the many choices it seems that each of our lives were planned far beyond we were born. That is the only way. Even past lives were planned. I can't explain the meaning of living so many lives. I guess it is to prepare us for a certain life where we will need all of those talents, abilities and skills learned.It is still hard to live for just one day without thinking of the future. If I were to say one thing then you'd subconsciously wait for it to happen. But it is never that easy. Some visions are years...I was able to see 12-13 years into the future.So who knows when any of this will happen. I can't wait any longer since it drives me insane. I will live each day like a normal person and try not to think of the future. I will still try to create a new world for myself. These visions were blocking my true potential for too long. It was sometimes fear and doubt. Not anymore, I will try harder.
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Interesting. I can understand: the one premonition I had that I "should" have acted upon to avoid a big problem, I did act on but it didn't make any difference as the person I told didn't really take notice.

The irony is that for me, when I live in the moment I'm far more likely to see any problems and avoid them. I try to learn from our beautiful dogs in this respect. They know no other way!

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