Feeling out of sorts around the time of a traumatic event

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Recently, my daughter fainted, fell and hit her head. She then had a delayed concussion. I watched her become unresponsive and pale/yellow. I also vaguely recall sensing her energy was somewhat like I sense in some people who seem sick to me. Fortunately she came to within 10 or 15 seconds but still it was a shock.

For three days prior to this, I had poor sleep and was irritable/on edge. For a few days after, it was the same. This is not usual for me; in fact these days it is very unusual to sleep poorly for so many days in a row.

So I wonder whether others' have had this kind of experience: feeling out of sorts before and/or after some kind of traumatic event unfolds? I find it difficult to believe it is just 'random' coincidence.

I also get ear-ringing and had it the night before. Does anyone else get ear-ringing. From my experience so far, I think one author nailed it when she said it's basically something saying "pay attention". From careful observation it seems that for me, left ear-ringing indicates something significant is happening right now. Right ear-ringing indicates something significant is going to occur in the future, usually very soon.

I do not think it coincidence either that my daughter fainted literally in front of me, to the point that I was able to stop her fully falling to the ground and I was with her in the moments afterward when she was concussed (i.e. when she was unresponsive). It could have been worse.

I wonder whether others have noticed feeling out of sorts or having any kind of sense something was awry before and/or after a traumatic event (or perhaps just a very significant event)?


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I've not noticed sensing a traumatic event before it happens but I have had two types of tinnitus for almost 2yrs now periodically.I get what I imagine a dog whistle must sound like (very high pitched but not ringing it's a steady nose), I more commonly get pulsating tinnitus which matches my heartbeat.I've heard some say it's information download from spirit..I've also heard what you say as in its a 'pay attention ' sign.I've had lots of medical investigations due to health problems but they never found any reason for my tinnitus.I hope your daughter is fully recovered. It's awful seeing our children suffer in anyway.BlessingsGem x
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I dont know about feeling out of sorts prior to a traumatic event but, anything is possible. How is your daughter now? I hope she is okay?

The tinnitus I have been getting for many years, I personally believe it is becoming extremely common as the planet is shifting on its axis and the vibration is accelerating (this is a spiritual vibration as we are becoming more aligned with the universe) I lay in silence listening to almost two tone in sync - I am almost deaf in my right ear yet the tone is so distinct and vibrant, I love it. :)

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My daughter is doing well, thank you. She only has mild after effects now a week after it happened. She needs to get staples removed from her head, and I suspect I'll feel her anxiety with her as I did when they were put in! :( Other than that we're just testing her with more and more activity/motion and she seems fine.

Apologies obviously my description wasn't clear. When I say ear-ringing I mean a more pronounced short-term ringing. It generally lasts for only a matter of seconds. Sometimes it is only a feeling of pressure change, other times it is accompanied by ringing. When you look it up, it seems to be fairly common. This is what I describe above.

As for so-called "tinnitus", I think it is a sound of our planet, always there. Like you I love it. I often listen to the tone(s) as I go to sleep.

Best, S

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Hi Snap (cool name)There is a common term...I was beside myself with -- (grief, fear, etc)Shock will do that. Your aura is not in alignment, it is beside yourself. You used the term -out of sorts. Sorta out of yourself. Sometimes the Will gets fractured with severe trauma.Id take homeopathic Traumeel and Bach flower, Rescue Remedy as general helpers.Also I would take some time for prayer/meditation and realign yourself, visualize getting 'sorted in' :)
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Hi Lastars,

Thanks very much. That makes a great deal of sense. I was definitely beside myself when it happened, though I had to keep focus to deal with the situation all the same.

Now that you point this out I think something else is going on. I can feel my daughter's energy is not quite right. She is still a little out of sorts. And of course, as someone at a crystal shop observed, we are connected--closely. So I am undoubtedly sensing and experiencing the effect on her energy field.

I will have to look up the remedy, thanks. And I will meditate.

Cheers, S

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