Differentiating Your Feelings from Others

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I'm having difficulty in understanding my own feelings separate from others.

Lately, I think I've been picking up on much that isn't my own. I feel like I am a sponge absorbing other people's emotions and energies, so much so, that I feel like I feel too much.

And I don't believe any of these feelings and energies are my to own. I've also found that being alone does every little to stop this.

Is it possible to create a divide between your feelings and those of others?

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Yes. Well, for myself, i meditate at least once a day. Grounding, protection and cutting the cords from every one else's drama I have to do Dailey to keep my sanity. They offer some techniques to use on I think maybe the home page (I don't remember where I seen it) I myself use meditation. There are many different way to ground with out meditation or along with meditation. . I'm sure one of the "elders of the tribe"(sorry, left over comedy from another post). Can direct you and will probably post on this post to help you, if not , message Trevor on here. He is always more than happy to help. But guess what. It's going to be ok. We have all had and have felt the same feelings your experiencing. So take a moment and smile.
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It is tough to figure that out... For me, I like to compare being alone with being with someone, in order to determine what their energy feels like or how it effects me. Most of the time it feels the best (physically and emotionally) for me to be alone, but there are certain times when I'm built up by the energies of others. e.g. laughing with someone :)

A good positive affirmation for you: "I am strong, inside and out."

The times when I tell myself I'm weak or "can't protect myself" are the times when I feel most vulnerable to other people and the world.

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1.) Look at the Free Empath Training if you haven't already.

2.) Personally, I find that spending time by myself allows me to learn to distinguish my feelings; if being alone for a little while doesn't work; go into nature, meditate, chill for a while all alone. Sometimes, it takes a while to let go of other people's emotions. I also tend to be a bit overly analytical and try to trace my emotions back to the trigger of those emotions. E.g. I feel angry. Has anything happened recently that would account for this emotion? No? Okay, let me leave this space when I have the chance. Do I still feel angry? No. Okay. That wasn't mine. I will try to let that emotion go.

3.) I agree with kit kat. Some people tend to have an angry energy; some people have a happy energy. Comparing how you feel around others vs alone helps you distinguish where some of those feeling come from and can help you decide which people may be more healthy for you to be around.

Good luck!

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Hi waterlily, may I ask what your take is on a person who makes you feel confused/anxious/smothered? I'm starting to differentiate between feelings that are mine and vibes from others. I have a recent friend who brings positive upbeat energy.A long time friend though I have to psych up to seeing and feel as I've said above around her...thing is she acts very caring ect but I just always feel confused /anxious and smothered it leaves me very drained sometimes it's weird because she always goes out of her way for people so I'm not sure why I always feel this around her..any thoughts?Pinksun I hope you don't mind me asking this on your post? It is tricky in the beginning figuring it all out!BlessingsGem x

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