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I am curious to see if any one on here has used their gifts to help heal people. I am an Empath who is also an intuitive ... I love to help people so I started practicing reiki and am now on level two , I also read tarot cards to help guide those , I cleanse houses and people of bad spirits and am also learning more as I get older.... I have just noticed a lot of people come on here for help so maybe we can post our gifts so those who need specific advice can go directly to that person... Just a thought
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Trevor Lewis
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Hi YoungStar. Go over to For Readers (empathic and/or psychic) & Healers group and you'll see a host of us over there.


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There are quite a few people that are healers (etc) here on this forum. Often ppl will step forward and offer help as they feel directed to do so.

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