Ear Chakras and Music

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So something that I've experienced for a few years now is psychic feeling in my ears. It's hard to explain, but there are two components: the psychic and physical. When I listen to music, it physically makes me ears feel good. I'm thinking this is like everything else with me, it starts on the psychic level then filters down to the physical level. I guess it's kinda like having an ear drum massage, best way I can describe the sensation. Currently I'm listening to Upgrade by Plaid on repeat, and I've noticed a change. The music seems to be lifting the energy of my ears. I'm guessing this energy is coming from the ear chakras. The music feels like it's pushing the chakras to the edge of something, but I can't cross the threshold. It's so hard to explain, but there is something abut this song. It's like the creators managed to channel a higher dimension. I kid you not. I feel it all through me. I just sit back in awe and wonder how they did it. Sorry my description is so weak. Words really don't do this justice. One has to feel it to truly understand it. Does anyone else experience stuff like this?

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I kind of get what you are saying. Music is vibrational and is a way to opening chakras at certain htz

Have you seen the vibration experiments? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvJAgrUBF4w its darn amazing and shows the magic of vibration at its best.

There are a few songs that just grab me with the tone and vibration and I instantly know that they are meaningful regardless of the lyrics. A lot of classical music, is and was made especially to increase vibration - Sad to say that most music of today is (although catchy and enjoyable) has nothing to do with increasing vibration but, a case of the opposite.

if a tune makes you feel good, keep on playing it :)

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