Trevor Lewis
Trevor Lewis
2 years ago
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Hi Heather:

This question seems to come up in one form or another every few weeks here (apologies to repeat readers). You are in the right place! You are not crazy! You are no longer alone, you are now part of a community that has been where you are!

Some reading material for you to get you going...

  1. Elise'sEmpath Survival Program.
  2. Donna Eden'sZip Up Technique
  3. theTools for the Empathgroup
  4. Thriving As An Empath (recently updated) - "we suffer as empaths when we are only in receptor mode, we thrive as empaths when we step into healer mode". The technique in this paper is my own favorite for reasons that will be obvious when you go there. I personally use this technique every day and many of the people I have shared this with have had a lot of success with the excercise contained here. The main principle here is that it is about reversing the flow so that instead of from-them-to-you it becomes from-Source-through-you-to-them. Try it every day for a week (preferably multiple times a day) and you WILL feel different!

For some people being an empath feels like a liability now but it is a gift, an honor and a privilege to have this ability. Enjoy reading the articles.



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Have you thot of reporting them?..police...building property manager...or moving...I definitely wouldn't be able to live with that...
2 years ago
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I'm glad to hear they are most likely moving out. I could not live next to this, either. In the meantime (if they are going to be gone soon) use this as an opportunity to learn what clears and soothes your system. Try the techniques Trevor has linked you to. Try taking showers and visualising the energy washing off you. Try going for walks to stomp it out of your system. Try cocooning yourself in different coloured lights - white, silvery white, gold, violet and purple, are all good ones to try - you don't need to be able to see as you visualise and ask for this protection of Light around you. Try prayer.

Try sending their flat a big beam of light; try blessing them. Tell their energy to return to them. Imagine there is a wall of iron between your apartment and wherever they might be. Ask for any and all help to get you through this time. Ask for angelic help and protection. Hope they go soon! In the meantime, look after yourself well.

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