Empath Attachment to Negative People

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Lately, I've been noticing that I attach to people quite easily. I know there is one person that I'm attached to that actually brings a sort of negative energy with them. I'm wondering if there is any way I can break this attachment?

I've actually sought spiritual guidance and have been told that it was a possibility that this person and I lived past lives together--so it's difficult to forget. I've tried shielding myself, but I cannot seem to shake this person's energy, whether it's good or bad.

Has anyone else had this experience? Have you been able to properly shield yourself from a negative individual?

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Hi Pinksun~

I identify with this. Because of my skill I always seem to find compassion for those people that others seem to easily cut out of their lives. I see that they are hurting not that they are 'bad' people. The problem for me isn't offering compassion, but being 'sucked' into their drama and feeling compelled to 'help' even to my own determent. I have heard that meditating on cutting the cord of attachment is helpful, (I tried a visualization mediation yesterday for just this purpose)

Asking for assistance from my guides and practicing grounding when I am in their presence and repeating "not mine" has also been helpful. Acknowledging that I am not responsible for their stuff has also helped.

Just to be clear I too am just learning these skills, but so far these are the things I have found helpful.

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Hi...I've never found a shielding that works for me....it all feels claustrophobic to me...the only thing that really works is removing all etheric links, roots to those cords , psychic links and hooks...once I started doing that things started to get quieter....and I continue to do it on a very regular basis....everone finds something that works, may be one method or a combination...it's whatever works best for you...I don't think I'll find something that will block 100% negative stuff I get from others...but that's me....who knows...you may find one for yourself...lol

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I've have visualized links and roots before, but didn't know it was an actual thing. This was very helpful and enlightening for me. Thank you so much sharing this.
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A few things I know about empaths (and that's not very much):

1. We can be attracted to negative people because we want to "fix" them.

2. We can be pretty negative ourselves, if we haven't dealt with things the right way. (Guilty. Sometimes.)

3. There are both evil and good empaths. Being empathic doesn't make a person automatically a nice person. I dated an empathic man who used me like a roll of toilet paper. Yes, I tried to fix him. He tried to fix me. I had to separate myself from him completely so I could go on healing. He continued to look for empathic women, found a lot of them, abused them, and ended up alone and in unspeakably bad shape.

4. We can change our habits - it just takes a lot of time!

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You could try a sea salt bath. Get some plain sea salt, draw a bath, put it in and soak for a while. It's simple, but it's rather effective. You could also simply stay away from the person. You may be drawn to them, but that doesn't mean you have to let yourself be drawn to them. Simply resist.

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This is SO helpful. I will do more research on "cutting the cord of attachment". Thanks, Kaolin!

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I've had a hard time learning how to properly shield myself too, I will try this! Thanks, Karen.

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I'm only just learning about shielding so won't say much on that.

When I was young I tended to be with people who were 'broken' to some extent. I've always known I did this, but only recently did I learn it's an empath thing. One was depressive and could be dark. One lied a lot. I've actually worked lately on trying to break any lingering attachments--it's been decades, but I often feel intense connections to past times so I'm not convinced attachments necessarily fade as much as we might think with the passage of time. I have no idea how successful this has been--I'm mostly in a good mind-frame anyhow these days. Mostly.

I know that for me sometimes the law of attraction -- like attracting like -- comes into play. I work with someone who is ultra-controlling. I went through a period in which I did a lot of left-brain (logical, analytic) work and I was tending to be more controlling (unbalanced left brain seeks control). During this time I could work with this guy. Now I find his controlling nature overwhelming. Often I can hardly bear to hold conversations with him. His attempts to control what I think are intrusive. I feel what it's like to be his energy and it's not nice. He's not 'bad', just hyper-controlling. So when I was more that way, I could be in his company; now I can only take him in small doses, if at all.

The head of our area is a Narcissist and she means people harm. For some reason, she has little affect on my energy. I had a meeting with her recently and I paid her as little attention as possible. She came across like a robot. I think she has very little of her own energy and spends her time pressing others' buttons to derive responses and energy. In that case all I had to do is withdraw my focus and she was like a shell, barely human. I thought I needed to shield myself from her, and I made some effort to do so, but it seemed that it was simply a matter of withdrawing focus. This makes sense as attention is obviously energy. However it's not difficult for me to withdraw energy in this situation as I cannot relate to or even fathom the person at all.

So I think it really depends what sort of "negative individual", the history and our reason for being in contact.

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