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As someone who is just learning to live consciously as an empath, I am curious how others experience the flow of energy.

Let me be more specific.

I did a yoga practice today, the first in months; through out the practice I burped frequently; I have always belched uncontrollably during yoga~ now I am aware (or believe) it is the flow and shift in energy, and it's my body extracting energy from my body that isn't mine. I use to go to Yoga classes a few years ago at a studio, but stopped going after one class where I almost threw up during the class form so much belching. (There was a woman next to me in class who I got a strong anger energy from....but thought I was imagining it)

This has happened also after I've attended staff meetings with a variety of people, often when unexpressed emotions are in the room.

Does anyone else experience this or something similar?Is this common?

I have also experienced severe headaches seemingly out of nowhere; Like this morning, I got a jabbing sensation in my fore head and then aching in the back of my head and neck and shoulders. I was home alone, and shortly after the pain started I received a text form a man I am attempting to cut out of my life. Could the headache have been from him? (Our relationship is tenuous at best)

How can one tell if the body aches/head aches/belching are from some other energy source then my own? Is meditation and focus the best practice to learn what is mine and what is others?

What practices have you found helpful to help with the belching; it's often embarrassing and I am not really able to restrain it, (and honestly don't really want to) I find it is one way to 'let go' of what's not mine.

I do now use a 'key hole' visualization prior to staff meetings, and that has helped.

Any other ideas or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

I started yoga again today in hopes of learning how to discern between other energies and my own....I'm hoping it will work...

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I pick up things in a very physical fashion, also. I pick up random people's aches and sometimes searing pains. If it's really bad I might involuntarily exclaim - one woman looked at me oddly andsaid, I've got a pain in that area since giving birth... Those sorts of pains leave once I leave the company, or a short time later. (Headaches may linger.)

I also get the burping with certain foreign energies. If I burp, myself, it's for a reason. This other sort of burping is compulsive and ongoing and attached to nothing currently going on in my digestive system. It's very particular. In "The Shaman in Stilettoes", the Peruvian shaman teaches the author that energy is released via the mouth or anus. I can vouch for that, with these sorts of pickups! Which doesn't mean all gas is foreign energy. I get the burping mostly with distance energy, soI don't have so much public embarrassment; or I'll find I'm burping after a trip to the supermarket. I get a lot of interesting headaches in group settings, also.

It all sounds of course very wacky. I think we have to learn to discern over time what is ours and what is not and how to deal with it. I do find a meditation helpful to seive things through and also calm the body, and I keep records of occurences (lots of WTF!) to help glean whether or not I am picking stuff up, likely sources (I do generally know who, and certain pickups have unique 'signatures' to them). It is all very tiring.

Most empaths seem to be more emotional, mental. My 'gift' is very physical. Sounds like yours might be, also. Best advice I can give is the old adage, 'Know thyself.' And give it time. It's a trip!

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I've gotten random pains as long as I can remember. The "jabbing sensation" is something that I can relate to a lot - I usually get those randomly even when I'm not around people. Being able to separate your energy from someone else's is a matter of practice. With pain, however, I usually just ask myself, "is this my pain? Could it be someone else's? Does it make SENSE for this to be my pain right now?" If comes out of nowhere and you aren't dehydrated or have any other physical ailments then it's safe to assume that you're just picking up on someone else's pain. It can get annoying, and to block it out I usually just imagine walls of energy surrounding me.

Hope that helps! :)

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I have these pains also but I have sore spots on my body. Like there should be a bruise at these spots. They come and go. Some will be so tender but no bruise ever appears. I soak in Epsom salt water and that's helps a whole lot and I have been told this also is a good way to ground.
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Thankyou all for your replies and yes they are helpful. I vet the sense that with time and practice I will become beer equipped to discern between my stuff and others.I do find I need to be gentle and patient with myself. Alllowing myself the time to learn and develop the skills - so thankyou all for your support
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I do too...

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