I feel guilty because I'm miserable...

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Anybody else feel this way? I'm job-hunting and finding it depressing. I feel like in order to get a job ("attract" a job) I should be happy, smiling, positive, etc. and I feel the opposite. I hear voices in my head from my whole entire life telling me to smile, to look at the bright side, bla bla bla. Verbally kicking me for being a "downer". Then I get angry at those voices; they did more harm than good. How do I get out of this downward spiral?

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Lol...job hunting IS depressing...lol...the voices are simply trying to help...encourage you...you are probably picking up the feel of the environment of the job sites your entering...it has nothing to do with you personally..so...carry some ceder...or a crystal...anything that helps filter out the crappy stuff you pick up while in those places...
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I'm currently job hunting myself. The entire experience is difficult for anyone, I think. I have to believe that the right opportunity will present itself. My job, I guess, is to apply and go to any interview I feel that I should. From there, the options will begin to pour in and I'll just know.

I believe this will happen to you as well. Being rejected is part of the process. Happened to me a couple of days ago, plagued my spirit until I reminded myself of exactly this.

Turns out I was upset about being rejected; not about losing the job. I was happy I lost that opportunity, in the end. It wouldn't have been a good fit for me and I know that.

Have faith and it will prove to be. :) Good luck.

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I so know this feeling. It can definitely be a downer. When I was looking for a job, I would often listen to music to uplift my mood. It also makes time go by faster. Additionally, I joined some job hunting groups on Facebook for my area. It helped to have some other people to talk to and it was a good way to get some leads.

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I think the 'Law of Attraction' is overrated.

I used to suffer from Chronic Fatigue, with constant fluey feelings, depression etc. Trying to feel all happy, or imagining being awake and healthy was virtually impossible. I just prayed that I get all the help necessary, possible, available and sensible, and did overcome most of it. It did take some time, but according to the Law of Attraction I should be even more sick and miserable now..... I tend to give this explanation - according to the Law of Attraction the Universe is binary: good thought/ feeling => positive effects; bad thought/ feeling => negative effect. But I believe that divine helpers are intelligent. If you pray for help with e.g. your job hunt, they are not just going to stop helping you because you have a bad day, and maybe even doubt that angels etc. exist.... For good measure I ask for protections for myself and my life, against any negative thoughts emotions I might still hold, or which might come through me....

Obviously I do not enjoy if I do get depressive energies - they are no fun. So I ask/ pray for 24/7 healings. CLEANSINGS (of negative and stale energies), protections, and recharges for my bodies/ energies. If I do not feel all fabulous I do not beat myself up anymore. Most times it is not even my stuff anyway, but e.g. healing resistances of my clients that day. I acknowledge them and rest assures that they are being dealt with.

It takes, and energy to concentrate on smiling and changing ones mood more quickly, it might take 2 hrs of meditation, and afterwards I'll just feel guilty for not having gotten anything else done. I guess it is about finding the right balance...

If you are worried that any negative energy you get might in turn negatively influence others around you - just pray/ ask that they be protected!

All the best with your job hunt! Hope you find something great (soon!!!)

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