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It just occurred to me, so I thought I'd share it because this is really the only place that I can.

Throughout the weekend, I've seen posts of crying, sadness from others especially on this site, and an emotional connected between other empaths in regards to the these feelings. I, myself, have had a very emotional weekend feeling a depression that I couldn't understand.

In fact, Saturday (especially) - I had many moments where I felt so empty that I compared it to "a death" in the family of someone close. It was the same exact feeling that I would have if that were true. From recent posts/replies, I've learned that one way to differentiate my own feelings in comparison to anothers is to see whether they hold warrant to my current situation. These feelings, this past weekend, did not in any way shape or form.

So, could it be? Could David Bowie's death that is an obvious sadness throughout the world be the reason for the sadness? I began to feel better late last night and into this morning even after hearing the news. (Though succumbed with my own emotion for his passing, this I can recognize).

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts ....

"RIP David Bowie"

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I don't know. I was shocked to hear about David Bowie, but I don't feel that pseudo-closeness to rock stars that I did when I was a teenager. He died of natural causes, surrounded by family. I tend to get a lot more upset by sudden death, murder, suicide, etc.

I feel like I'm absorbing the sadness of the whole entire world, but I think it has to do with the awful state the world is in right now. So much sadness and loss, and the new year brings it all into stark focus. "Happy new year" is anything but.

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No...but others do...the immense feelings of loss experienced by others would explain a bit why I had such a strong influx of emotions...I had no idea he passed...but the feeling of being plugged into was weird...lol
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I appreciate everyone's responses. I definitely don't feel plugged into someone famous by any means. But, the sadness of the world. Perhaps it's of things to come or from death or more.

But, it was felt. By someone, somewhere - it was felt. :)

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