I'm having trouble with being an empath all together. I just feels too much

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Hi, I just really need some help and guidance. I'm a teenager and I've just began to recognize that I am an empath but I'm really struggling. I know I am an empath because I know what emotion people are feeling just by looking at them, if they are sad, so am I, if they are happy so am I, if someone is angry I get a huge headache and I feel physically sick. I can't cope with being shouted at or being around angry people. I can read people's mind sometimes and I know exactly why they feel a certain way. I know what will happen about 10 minutes into the future. I can talk to animals. I know how they are feeling and why. I know what they think. I can understand plants and their feelings. It's mostly trees but also every plant and bug. I can feel people who aren't actually there and it's like I can talk to them. I feel every single thing around me! But it hurts! I can't focus in school properly because there are so many people and I can feel everything and know everything they are thinking. When I'm in the hallways it's like my brain is being pressed and like I'm getting shouted at. It hurts my head and my back and I feel like I want to faint. School is just so tough for me and my parents are angry because they don't think I'm trying as I'm not getting the best grades. No one knows I'm an empath except my boyfriend. I just feel alone and useless, I'm in pain everyday, I don't know what to do. I think I'm a creep and I'm weird. I just need help.
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Being a teenage empathy is never easy.I thought I was going crazy my grades weren't good and it was hard for me to make friends which made it worse.You need to learn how to shield yourself and weave around other people's emotion.There are classes or you can go to YouTube and look up techniques that's what I did.I also noticed when an empath is happy it is easier to control the emotions and everything around you.If you can tell what will happen use your gift to make your life better.It is a gift but sometimes a curse.It gets better your hormones are making it a bit worse.Just try to be a good person and use your ability for good.I know it is hard as a teen.I abused my ability from 15 until 21.Now I am 24.If you need someone to talk to message me anytime.There are lots of people who have been where you are just ask for help.
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Hi Miasophie,Welcome to the EC! There are a lot of resources here to help you. Also a lot of great people here with great advice to give to help you navigate the onslaught of emotions that come in. I would start by checking out the following link https://www.eliselebeau.com/empath-survival-programShine on....
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I know figuring out you're an empath as an adult is difficult let alone being a teenager. There are more advanced empaths on this site that will definitely be able to help. Clicking the link below is a start and reading some of the articles on here is highly recommended. Understanding what you're encountering will be a big step.

It reminds you that you are not alone. And what you are feeling and encountering is shared with others who can calm fears.

Everyday, every second, every minute - say to yourself outloud - that you are strong enough to handle it & this too shall pass.

It's not cliche, it's worth it. And you'll be amazed how much that helps you handle everything else (including this learning time) at a much better rate.

You will smile again. Embrace the change and know that it's all for something amazing.

Be well.

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Holy cow, you've got a whopping case! I'm a newbie empath too, and I'm finding Elise's exercises (on this website) helpful. I would recommend reading "Self-Care for the Self-Aware" by Dave Markowitz. And find yourself a psychic healer or a shaman, someone who "gets" empaths. As a newbie, I wish I could give you more advice, but that's a start.

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Hi...I know what you mean...I too had that happening with my head...one thing helped me immediately..Smudging....but I also found something else going on that wasn't about being an empath...and that was finding natural gas and sewer gas leakages in my house....most people don't think this as being an important issue...but it can be a serious problem if there is a problem in your house...i've blocked up numerous places around the pipe joints...and around the furnace where my head was feeling disorientated....it's a difficult thing because not everyone makes the connection...or can smell it...my eyes glaze over and my lungs hurt when I encounter just a small amount of it..being exposed long term without knowing about it caused a lot of damage...so...what you can do is smell around the furnace...water tank... and the gas stand outside your house....I caulked around every joint to plug what i was smelling...there is so much pollution in the city just from that...and see if maybe you have an issue...I myself did all the work since no one believed..except one person who smelled it too...even the smallest amount can make my head go funny...I have all my gifts...I haven't lost any...but I feel more grounded and in control....
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All great replies you can handle this. Lucky you understand what this is I didn't figure this out till my 40s and I'm a guy even harder for us with society and all. You wouldn't be given this gift if you couldn't handle it be strong use the tools given by Ellis and spread joy
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You're not a creep and you're not weird. It feels terrible in the beginning, not knowing what is going on and how to shut off other people, but believe me you are so lucky to recognize this at such a young age it is truly a blessing. I'm 24 and I have just come to the conclusion that I am an Empath a few months ago after years of depression, mood swings, having a manic episode being in a psych ward twice diagnosed with having bipolar disorder and being put on meds that numbed me for about 3 years of my life. I wish I would have known this when I was a teenager. I know it probably feels overwhelming, but trust me you are so lucky to know this now!!! I would contact Elise and have a session with her, she has helped me a lot with getting my life in order and I believe she would be of great help to you as well. Here is a link to her website.


You will learn how to manage your empath abilities, I believe all empaths feel like this is such a curse in the beginning, but I promise you it gets easier and you will become a smiling emapth :) Sending lots of love and light your way. <3

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