The Albino Deer

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I live in England and not to far from London I am just on the outskirts where city meets country in possibly 10 years the city will have saturated this area and most of this gorgeous countryside will have gone.

Locally we had one of the largest herds of wild deer in the country a motorway split this herd but the herd survived and we now have two substantial herds instead of one. The people round here are almost all city people who have absolutely no appreciation for the environment and probably 3/4 of them do not know what a deer looks like let alone be able to identify that they have a herd on their doorstep.

This is what happened to me whilst walking and has caused me much confusion, I feel I should have gotten more than I did from the experience.

My guide had directed me to walk in an area thatI have not visited for a very long time, I don't particularly like this area because it is full of self made motorcycle paths, it is muddy and it has been ruined by the local people lighting fires, chopping trees, scrambling etc. I share with one of the older trees and am made aware of how sad this area has become, the vines, the bramblesand the ivy's are along with the local people quite literally strangling the life out of this once beautiful woodland. Of course once nomore people visit this area it will be easier to build on it and the city will expand, this area is almost doomed to be swallowed by the city.

I had walked for about an hour in areas that I had not explored before, in the distanceI could see landmarks and could hear the relentless roar of the motorway. I tree about a 100yds ahead of me called me andI was happy that it recognised "me." I slowly walked up to it and acknowledged it, (for the fellow tree huggers out there I found my place at it's trunk and squeezed my back into it I gave it praise and accepted it's energy) as I stood there I could see at the bottom of the meadow a herd of about 30 does (female deer) their behaviour was not normal because they stood and stared they just watched me without scattering and as I became more aware of them they in turn became more aware of me. I can only describe it as walking through the doors into a crowded pub and the pub goes silent for that split second before everything resumes, it spooked me for the intensity of having the herd look at me in the way thatit did. As I watched them moving the smaller ones I saw her, Isaw the albino she stepped forward and revealed herself to ME... ME... I WAS STANDING LOOKING AT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ALBINO DOE...

The others realised I had seen her and and being bigger and sturdier they quickly covered her up and shielded her from my sight.I stood with my eyes closed at the base of this tree and waited for something, anything, I wasn't fussed and I had no expectations except that this energy was something a bit special. My heart was pounding and my minds eye was out on a stalk, I was disappointed because althoughI could feel the energy from ths herd and could feel the treewhenI opened my eyes the herd had gone.

I felt very, very, alone after this and can't help but wonder if I did something wrong?

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You did nothing wrong.....they always go sooner or later. You just wished they had stayed longer.That's my thinking anyway.

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