Happy Winter Solstice!

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2 years ago
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Greetings, fellow Empaths and the like!

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, from this day forward, the days will get longer and that means more daylight. Yay!

I hope that you get a moment today to ponder what the "last day of the days getting shorter" means to YOU.

Imagine what people may have thought, before they knew of the solstices, when less and less light was shining each day....possibly that it would continue that way until there was no daylight at all! But lo and behold, the days started getting lighter again...and everyone must have rejoiced that the world would not go into total darkness :)

This reminds me that things don't keep heading in one direction or stay the same - the world is always changing...and even in the darkest moments, there is hope for change, for betterment :) Just because we don't know what lies ahead, doesn't mean that it has to be how things are right now or how we anticipate it to be.

Which is why my belief is not to try to predict the future...or worry about something that hasn't happened. I choose to focus on the present moment and have hope and love and kindness in my heart, because I don't know what will happen a minute from now, but whatever it will be, I want to feel that way when it does :)

For me, during this winter solstice 2015, I am working on closure...letting go of the things that no longer help me to be a better person and help others, in order to make room for the things that do :) Out with the old...

Here is beautiful meditation (background) music (EraOfPeace.org) to help you to have a peaceful day today and any day you choose:


It is so calming! Enjoy :)

Love and light always~


Shaanti <3

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2 years ago
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HAPPY SOLISTICE to you too. Glad to be on the increasing Light side :) !!
2 years ago
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Me too :) Full moon approaching too. So many changes happening lately and I'm feeling them all.

It feels good to feel though :) I went through a period of not feeling (like the general public) and this is better...although it IS difficult, right now.

But there is always the possibility of more on the horizon...

I'll hopefully be listening to this tonight: http://www.youawakening.com/live

Have a good night!

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