Experiencing Weird Symptoms of Absorbing Others' Negative Energy

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2 years ago
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First off, let me say hello to everyone as I am new to the empath community. :)

One of the issues that has troubled me for some time now has to do with physical symptoms when you're around people with negative energy. Basic back story, I live at home with my parents whilst I pursue my Masters degree and my parents are much older than others around my age. My dad is 75 and has high blood pressure and Acid Reflux disease; my mother is 69 and has low blood pressure, bipolar disorder, and is an alcoholic. With that said, I'm around a constant overflow of negative energy. As a result, some time ago I had these random rashes that appeared on my arms and inner thighs that were very itchy, like hives, but they were smaller than the average mosquito bite.

I had gone to the doctor and then to another and no one was able to help me rid of these. It wasn't until I went to visit my friend Shannon (Level 2 Reiki Master/Teacher) who did a full body scan and as a result, 2 days later all of my rashes disappeared completely. She has told me that with becoming more aware of your abilities, that an accumulation of negative energy can present itself as skin irritation and inflammation. I had been free of those hives for about 3 months, and as of last Sunday night, they're back, and I can't seem to get rid of them.

I'm wondering if anyone here has had similar symptoms when absorbing other people's negative energy, and how you have coped and/or cleansed yourself of it. I'm also looking to learn how to protect myself from absorbing more of it and how to balance myself out. I don't want to burden my friend and ask her all the time to do a maintenance session to rid of the extra energy, but I can't live with rashes all over my arms all the time. Any advice would be appreciated.

I know that emotions and people's energy has affected me tor a while but I'm still learning to decipher when the emotions are mine or someone else's. I find this especially difficult because I have anxiety disorder as well.

PS - Recent acquisition of crystals include: Black Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Blue Calcite, Apophylite, and Dark Amethyst.

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2 years ago
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Hi and welcome :)Ive had rashes and other skin issues (newly acquired acne)I have an 18month back story of all sorts of weird stuff which saw me diagnosed with fibromyalgia, cervical disc disease, migraine with aura bla bla bla lol.However the rashes never quite fit in a nice little box however since I became aware of my spirituality and began receiving reiki and had an emotional clearing done by Trevor (on my friends list if you decided to seek him out) the body rashes have stopped but instead I got really bad acne. Both my Reiki practitioner and Trevor believe it's old negative emotions/toxins leaving my body. It's slowly getting better now.I think when we open ourselves up to our authentic selves we shed what no longer serves us.I also suffer depression and anxiety in and off for years, but now believe a lot of that could have been avoided if I'd realised I was processing other peoples stuff. I'm still struggling a bit with this.I'm hoping Trevor sees your post because he'll explain it better than me...he taught me to not give my own energy and instead to visualise divine/universal light coming through my crown and going out through heart/hands to those in need..that way other people's stuff shouldn't stick to you causing these unwanted physical reactions.Also regular grounding meditations (YouTube)I have titanium rainbow quartz to help keep my aura cleansed and balanced and black jet, black tourmaline to shield from the negative. Keep them on your person when around negative energy..hold them.Remember to find ways to regularly connect with your own energy. I use aromatherapy to help my mood.. Sweet orange works to lift me. Peppermint/clary sage/Eucalyptus/lavender helps me feel cleansed and more able to focus on what is me. I'm using Rose oil/neroli at the moment because I'm feeling the loss of a dear friend.Escape your conscious and go deeper into your subconscious with some beautiful guided meditations to connect to your higher self...you'll feel refreshed and may tune in to some important messages.Hopefully others will come along with some other ideas.BlessingsGem x
2 years ago
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Warm hellos and thank you for your post. First of all, I wanted to say sorry to hear about your loss...I too recently lost a friend who was also one of my design clients. *hugs*

You mentioned a lot of things about your experiences with empathic energy and how it has affected you. I had a faith-based touch reiki with a friend at my church with the use of blessed oils; it was a different experience than the reiki sessions I had had in the past with my other friend. After posting this original discussion I tried some guided meditation, felt rather nice. I don't know if it's because of the exercise or if it's a good sign for me to feel as though I am outside myself watching myself meditate midway through the meditation itself. After that, I found it a little easier to concentrate and ground myself while at work and at home, and my rashes appeared to have dissipated...on occasion however, I'll have a new bump here and there, but it's definitely manageable.

When/how did you start to figure out that it was other people's emotions that were affecting you? I find that one of the challenges for myself to determine whether I am processing my own emotions or the emotions of others at a given time. How do you cope with something like that? (from your experiences). I'm taking some time to learn more about crystal energy...I cleanse my bedroom (which double as my office too) with Dragons Blood incense about once a week. How often do you cleanse/smudge? And how often should I cleanse my crystals?


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