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2 years ago
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Hello everyone, my name's Chris and I only found out about empaths few days ago (I know it's weird :) ).
Accidently I did a test on internet and what I read as a result I was truly shocked: it was like someone would know me for years and really well. Long years ago a psychologist told me that what is happening to me is too low emotional thersehold. It sounded like a condition to be dealt with. I believed her, but frankly it never sounded right to me: why would you cure being sensitive? And I just found out I am an empath.

This talent/gift does me a lot of pain, there is no question about it, but it also makes life very beautiful sometimes :)

I am here coz I want to meet other people like me and hopefully get an advice how can I control it? Anyone knows any good books about it?
I also read I could be a healer? Any info? Healer of what? Where do I learn?

OK, enough questions for the first time :)

Nice to meet you all :) <3

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2 years ago
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Nice to meet you Chris, and, of course, my first question do you know how to ground yourself? That's helps a lot. Everyone has their own ways they ground, protect and centering themselves. Meditations , being in nature Ect. I don't know it you have read the artiiculs on this forum when you joined but that's a good place to start.
2 years ago
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Hi Rene :)
No, I dont.
I have started meditating some time ago. But honestly, I am not even sure I understand the term "grounding" properly.
I really very new to this subject, I am tryiong to read but it seems like there is so many subjects needing covering I feel often lost.

2 years ago
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Hi....it wasn't an accident you took that test...lol...

2 years ago
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You could use a guided grounding meditation on YouTube.. There are loads so try a few and see what works best. I also love being in nature particularly near water or in forests but I don't get the chance too often.I was also told by a counsellor in my early 20's that I'm a highly sensitive person, although she said there is nothing wrong with that unfortunately I didn't understand about Empaths then..she certainly never mentioned that word and I just kind of felt for years that there was something wrong with me.Have a look at the Empath Toolkit on one of the tabs at the top of the homepage here.As for healing I'm finding I can now feel energy in my hands (predominantly left for some reason) when I consciously imagine sending universal light through myself to another person. I'm going to be doing a reiki course in February too so I can try to learn more about it. I think there are a few methods but I'm relatively new so maybe others here can guide you better.Nice to meet you :) welcomeGem x

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