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3 years ago
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Hi Everyone :)I have had a lot of trouble getting the entire Empath Community website to load for about the last four or so days. Today I let the page cycle for awhile and got lucky to get through -usually I get a "server timed out" notice.Nothing has changed on my end (running Windows 7 with Google Chrome or Fire Fox) and have tried changing devices (another laptop and an iPhone) -all jamming. This is the only site I appear to have issues loading -any advice or this happening to anyone else??Thanks! I'm super bummed!!Umar
updated by @umar: 06/10/17 01:29:27AM
3 years ago
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I'm experiencing the same thing, Umar, also with other websites and computer equipment too! I'm super sensitive and my energy is affecting my environment.

Fancy Girl is right that we should take it as a message. When what we are trying to do is not in-line with what we need to do at the moment, our higher self/god/universe will try to redirect/realign us by making it very difficult to do the thing we're trying to do!

Not that you don't really want or need to be probably just need(ed) to take care of you in a different way (or possibly attend to something/someone else) at the time :)

Healing vibes~

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