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I have had the same dreamson the same night, with thefeelingsbeingsame (during and after).For me it validates the connection I have with certain people.It really does not suprise me when it happens, though itis as if time stops for a second and everything freezes when acknowledged.Similar to having deja vuwith a very pronounced momentas if I ambeing hit with a spiritual stick.. as it were.When you start to see the patterns and understand that connection it can beoverwhelming.

The most recent "dream" thatstruck me was one that was a bit darker and unsettling. Ihad the same dream with a familymember the next day and we both had a sickened feeling.The worst part is that the dream was about another familymember who had passed. What was lingering around was takingthe form of who we knew, and it was not him. I have to say that one has been hard to shake off. When I realizedshe had the same dreamand shared the same physicalsick feeling... I realized that my connections were getting stronger (This was just before I joined the EC). I would also add that this was a lucid dream.

Do you have lucid dreams often? I would say that I can usually wake myself up from dreams andmessages seem tobe clearerto me.After some time it is easier to receive messages and instruction when I am awake.

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