Energy punch

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2 years ago
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I practice martial arts a bit and I found that I can make the energy flow through my arm when I punch or elbow and the hits are way more powerful. It's really cool! Anyone else tried that?

(Btw. I have never punched a person with that just air or punching bag.)

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2 years ago
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I have not tried it myself but, do find martial arts as beautiful concerning ancient wisdom of energy flow, I love the Japanese, Chinese and Korean stories with Chi Masters being as light as feathers with amazing physical skills and mind over matter adages

I have thought about Tai Chi because when I meditate I strongly feel chi within my hands and believe I should learn about utilizing it somehow but, nothing like this (classes) exist in my town nor neighbouring towns either. I love reading about it all and you have nudged me to see what I can find out on you tube about maybe practicing some techniques :)

What do you do, or how do you make the energy flow? do you visualize it? would be really interested to know :)

2 years ago
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Hi Mamooth888, I do not practice martial arts, but I have had similar experiences during yoga. There are positions or transitions that are very difficult, and I don't believe I can accomplish them, but suddenly my body has made one smooth fluid motion from position A to B. However, when I am very upset, or my energy is "off", the complete opposite happens -a few times I've even fallen over haha

It is all very interesting (: Like karma, I have also considered looking into Tai Chi and would be interested in hearing how you experience this.

2 years ago
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Yes martial arts are beautiful and elegant and I have always been interested in this. Only recently I started practicing krav maga, perhaps it's not super elegant and it's more about "knock your opponent out quickly and eliminate the threat" but still very fun.

I don't really know how to explain this to be honest but it's more like coming from my feet, through my leg and arm and then into my fist. And I move as I feel this flow. Strange thing is that now, when I started to analyse how to do this I could just barely control this flow I guess It's difficult to analyze and put into words.

You just have to "feel the force flow through you" ,well kind of :)

Oh, I have one more thing. I think I can heal with energy. If I want to I can make energy come out from my right hand( I think used my right hand the most) and it's different than the punch. If I do this on myself It will lower the pain for example - I am not sure it could be placebo or something though. But at the same time I did this on my dog and I think it helped too. I could feel her stomach ache less. So either I am going crazy or I can actually heal! :)

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