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2 years ago
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Hello everyone, I'm Amanda and this is my first time making a post here.. I'm pretty certain I'm very much an Empath, and I'm thankful to have found a place I can relate to others.

Throughout my life I have had a very difficult time with my personality. I have never made friends easily, and what people I have thought were my friends seem to a have a tendency to take advantage of me. Due to being extremely quite and introverted people tend to speak to me or treat me my as though I'm ignorant. I read peoples thoughts very well as you may assume, and that has a huge effect on me trying to relate or connect with anyone. I typically can only speak to those that have certain personality's, maybe closely similar to mine, but I have always been different and I have always been what most would consider strange, I'm very extremely emotionly sensitive, and very spirituality sensitive as well. I have just always known that I'm not like others for sure, and it as been a nightmare for me really. Countless nights of crying, along with suicidal thoughts

Recently, I have decide to go back to the working world after completing my degree. I have been through two jobs in the last six months due to my overly sensitive emotional personality. I feel like I can not function around people at all anymore. Both jobs I had supervisors that were a nightmare to work for, very overbearing and mean. I did not take this well and had an emotional break down at both places. My emotions were so frazzled during the time I worked these jobs that I turn to alcohol for relieve. (Which is starting to become a problem for me now.) I start a new job soon, but I don't how I will make it through. I guess I'm just wanting to know if I'm the only one who has had trouble in working world to this extent.

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2 years ago
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I wrote a long reply and for some reason my laptop froze on me.... :(

You poor thing, I cannot say I know exactly what you are going through but, yes I identify the work situation as I am in it right now, coincidently I posted only a short time ago elsewhere here about this.

I was hit like an empathic ton of bricks at work a few months ago, ran from my work straight to another job because I was desperately ill mentally and emotionally, by rights I should have taken a huuuuuge time out, taken sick leave til found another job, but, pressure (oh that horrible pressure!) from people to pay bills and rent had me zoom to anything that came up.

I am working manual kitchen labour which in itself does my mental state no good as there is no stimulation - the biggest issue is the people - I find it hard to connect and I am indeed viewed as an odd ball, hard to talk to and someone with obvious `issues`..... People are uncomfortable around me.....

Therefore I feel uncomfortable and that makes me act and behave worse, I am unable to express myself and I feel lower than low. The thought I have recognized the problem should be enough but, it is not so black and white to alter myself for the purpose of `fitting in` - I am, I believe (without arrogance) a world apart from everyone.

I am just glad that you have come here and not rushed to the DR who would of course ply you with brain altering drugs.... Self medicating, I will not lecture you on, I have no rights to do so, but, please, please look after yourself!

You need a time out, rushing from one job to another is a pattern that may result in you feeling like you have failed each time? You havent!!!!

You are sensitive and emotional, that is a very good thing, regardless of it not seeming that way at the present... You have experienced meaness first hand, imagine if we all were that way.... the sensitive and emotional are needed in todays world, it is us who make it a better place (as empaths we carry all the worlds problems to keep a balance - Its not so much a burden - I am learning its a gift we need learn to channel - That said, Its a hell journey and I have no actual answers for you as an individual, Dang! I have no answers for myself much of the time.

You are not alone hon... easy words I know, we feel alone and that itself will consume a large percentage of our thoughts, emotions and energy..... In other words `our lives`. If you want to chat, message me (you will have to accept my friend request as private messages cannot be sent otherwise)

Work takes up a lot of your life, feeling the way you do makes sense and you need to unload to someone, somewhere... :)

2 years ago
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I can relate to this. I've had a few immature bosses and supervisors. Mostly jealous vibes. When they're mean and all over my back, I just get the job done. They can approach me as many times possible but they won't be able to say much.Keep your emotions out of work. This is very important. Don't take anything personal and never date/flirt. Remember these people have to do their job or they have a chance of losing it to their boss. Don't out work others too often. It will make them believe you think am you are better, although you're trying to keep your job.I couldn't get a promotion. I was always isolated and my work was piled each time. The days where I could not finish I had to hear crap for a good 10 minutes to an entire week sometimes. I ended up quitting in the worst way. But I had no option. They would not promote and based off how I was treated, I knew this. I can say it is good that I quit. I guess it was the struggle that made me try so hard but it was well worth it. Imagine increasing your wages by 3-4x, but it took 2 years til I finally found my way.
2 years ago
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Thanks for the replies and link!

Well, might I add that in my previous job before that one was mostly drama from co-workers instead of a boss. I also know this is a typical work environment for the most part and that the issue is definitely with me, and my inability to control my emotions and deal with any kind of stressful situation at all. I wish I knew how to control my emotions, but I haven't been able to get a handle on it yet.

I have actually already been to a Dr, a few times, and I have been prescribe meds for depression and anxiety. I'm no longer taking those meds though. I really do not like taking meds, but at the time I was beginning to feel I had no other choice. I had terrible uncontrollable mood swings and they ran numerous tests to check for different types of mental illness, which came up with nothing other then I must just be depressed, as long as I stay away from people for a few weeks my depression will go away, but no one can live like a hermit and I have to work. I just need to get a handle on how to deal with situations without the meds.

Karma... Your situation and feelings you mentioned sound exactly like my situation at hand. I accepted your friends request. :)

2 years ago
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Hi...remember your an your absorbing everyone else's emotions too....I wouldn't be able to work in an office because I need to be able to smudge...and most offices won't allow that....there are ways to keep that down I know...without smudging. ...i'm so sensitive to the energies swirling around that I probably wouldn't get any work'd be also bring these energies home with taking a shower after work..smudging yourself...anything that can clean out the added energy is good....another method I use is severing links to my Co workers...almost everyday...that way I can relax more...knowing your own your good...dealing with your won outstanding traumas and pent up stuff would also help you...lighten your own load so you can easily deal with anything thrown your way...there are different ways of doing all that so it's up to you to find what fits you...lots of people have been where you are today...your peronqlity really has nothing to do with being an don't be so hard on yourself...your perfectly fine in that department.. lol
2 years ago
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Oh, I can identify. I used to work in the corporate world up until about 5 years ago. The CEO was interviewing candidates for the CFO position, (startup company). When I met this woman in the lobby, it was an instant dislike. All I could feel was toxic energy. So much so that after she left, he asked me what I thought of her during my short talk. I told him straight out that I didn't have good feelings about her and ultimately, I felt he would let her go at some point. He was a bit upset with my opinion and ultimately in the end, hired her. Within two years she had fired almost all of her staff and made them all absolutely miserable. She antagonized her peers, me included. Ultimately, she insulted and embarrassed the CEO in an extended off-site meeting one day and was was ultimately fired within two weeks of that meeting. After that, the CEO no matter what company we were in, "always" asked my opinion on every one of his candidates or the staff already in place. Sometimes we can make these gifts we have work for us. Only sometimes though....

You'll meet a lot of different personalities in the working world, no matter where you go. I was always able to work around them despite some of the negativity. I was lucky I guess in that I was always able to shake off other's energy while working. Not so much lately though, but I'm learning from this site..

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