Getting too emotionally involved too quickly..

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Just curious to see if this is an "empath" thing, or just a sensitive and emotional person thing..

Everytime I am seeing a guy, things seem to turn out the same way,

I met a guy (I'm a freshman in college), he lives in my dorm just a few floors above me. He was really great company. We spent a lot of time just laying together, watching shows, cuddling, talking, and just being in each others company. I am scared of commitment due to past heartbreak, so when he wanted to turn what we had into something more, I basically told him I wasn't on the same page. He is now talking to someone else, and I feel like a complete crazy person for being really bummed about it, I mean after all I am the one who told him I didn't want a relationship. I crave having that "person" I think. We only were "talking" for a month and a half or so..why do I get so emotionally attached?? HELP

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Not sure if this will help?

Since waking up spiritually I realized that I am 'whole', being individualized divine spirit and all. This has taken out a lot of pressure of 'having to find' another 'half' - to be happy. I have discovered that being 'whole' I am perfectly capable of being happy in single status too....

As for all the emotional whooho at the beginning of potential relationships - I categorically hand over all negative emotions I feel to Spirit (to be processed and healed), that includes 'wishful thinking', anxieties of e.g. 'does he like me?'. 'will he call?' etc, Many a times the infatuated feeling vanishes with it, but I interpret that in the way that he then was not a match....

Love and Light and happy hunting ;)

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HI, erikarachel7!

Just my 2 cents...from what you've written, you are perfectly happy and contented with what you have had in your relationship with him. If you were looking for something more yourself, you could have pursued it. It is perfectly fine to "not be on the same page". You have a FRIEND! What a lovely and wonderful thing. You have trust, you have safe boundaries, you have a confidant! There is no rule that says you have to make it into something more, if you aren't into him that way.

The fact that you are "craving that person" is not surprising. If he ends up in a relationship with another woman, then you know it will change your dynamic with him. He won't be likely to spend as much time with you; he probably won't be apt to cuddle with you, call you, look to hang out with you, be available to listen, the way that he's been doing. Well, that is a sad thing. You'll be missing your friend.

Please do not get discouraged that you are "emotionally attached." You are away from home in a new situation in college. You've been looking for new friends, new hangouts, trying new things. Try to soothe yourself with the knowledge that you've been able to make a positive connection, and while it may morph when he starts dating other girls, that you've already established yourself as a good friend and confidant. THAT is very special in my book!

Take care!


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