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This holiday is already stressing me out.I feel like everyone doesn't want to cook so they come to my job.And they are angry because they have to cook for Thanksgiving.For Halloween it was a happy feeling the kids were so excited.This holiday I feel angry and frustrated.I can tell my family will argue about the cooking.My sister doesn't cook the healthiest and Thanksgiving is her holiday.Our cousin is in town and she is a professional cook.She cooks healthy I can tell they will butt heads and I will be on the middle soaking it all up.I know alcohol is bad for our abilities but it's an holiday I'm drinking.

I usually love the holidays.I haven't even done Christmas shopping I usually start early.Part of me just wants to say I'm broke not do it this year.I still love holidays but I feel like everyone's feelings are getting in the way of that.It's about family and togetherness being thankful for what you have.

Well Happy Early Thanksgiving and good luck this holiday we will all need it.

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Kaitlyn Brokaw
Kaitlyn Brokaw
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I am so sorry to hear this!

As a person who loves the holidays, I feel bad for those who get stressed. This is the time when you NEED to take a break, take a nice breather, and just remind yourself it can be a good holiday if you want it to be. Forget everyone else's attitudes. If you have a positive attitude, and keep things rolling all day long, NO ONE will be assholes-sorry for the word. Force them to be happy by being overly happy yourself. It will be contagious and everyone will be happy and have a good time. If something starts brewing, interrupt with something fun and light. I do this nearly every holiday, trust me, it works.

Much love and light to you, Rose.

Kaitlyn x

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