Kit Kat
Kit Kat
3 years ago
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Thanks for your post... I haven't been on here in awhile, but I really do agree that we can help each other with the understanding we innately have.

And it's not wrong to have such mixed feelings about your gift, I don't think. Just remember that everything happens for a reason and that there are amazing things that you can do with your abilities! We can help people so much when we look for the opportunities.

There's a reason you're an empath - and you do deserve it!

I can especially relate to what you said about exploring who you are and wanting to know it all. I think it's easy for us as empaths to have more of a "long distance relationship" with ourselves, since we're so caught up in the worlds and feelings of others. But I know the more we learn about ourselves the happier and more capable we will be :)

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