Best Tips or Stories for/of Self Discovery?

Christina Rogers
Christina Rogers
4 years ago
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Howdy! (It's been a while, I know).

I have been on a path of self-discovery this year. Lots of learning. Having trouble putting it into 'words' language. Emotions and telepathy do it much better justice. (I bet most empaths understand this plight)

I digress.

Hosting my first self-love/empowerment retreat in May. This first one is for women.

Part of my difficulty with human language is how to convert my learning to teaching tools these women will be able to use.

What are your favorite tips and tricks you've discovered so far during your journey? Or what beautiful, amazing, or scary and strange stories do you feel like sharing?


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Kit Kat
Kit Kat
4 years ago
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Hi Christina,

That sounds like a good retreat! :)

This year has been one of self-discovery for me, too...

Some of my experiences:

Growing up I really enjoyed being alone, and I thought everyone loved it as much as me, but then sometimes my sister would feel rejected when I took time alone because I wasn't spending it with her. So I felt guilty about that, and tried to be more like everyone else.

But I gradually discovered that not everyone experienced the world the way I did, and I couldn't escape the feeling that I was somehow "different" from everyone else, in a way that didn't make sense to me. It was something about my depth of consciousness and sensitivity - I had such a high awareness of others and their feelings and even thoughts. Once in awhile someone noticed that I was different, but they only seemed to notice certain specific attributes, and then they seemed to forget about those things later on.

When I heard about highly sensitive people, I felt like I had the answer! Almost every one of the traits of highly sensitive people rang true for me... but.. it didn't feel like enough. It didn't explain how I was so affected by other people, how I understood their intentions so well, how I could figure out what they wanted and how to give it to them.. or how I became absorbed with making other people happy, so that I could be happy, too.

I felt guilty for so many things growing up. Since I have such a huge database of information about my family members particularly I felt guilty especially when I did something that someone didn't like, even though lots of my understanding is in my subconscious mind.

For example, one Christmas my grandma gave me a gift but said not to open it until she was there to watch me open it. I remember this day as if it happened last year practically. I forgot what she has said, and I opened it without her. Then when she came back I thanked her for the dress and told her I loved it, but she said "I told you to wait until I got back." It was very cold, like a shot to the heart.

There were very few times when I felt like I had really disappointed my grandma like that -, since I was so clever with not making mistakes and we had such a good relationship, but that only made the experience hurt worse somehow... In the end, though, it remains one of the clearest memories I have that show me I've been empathic at least most of my life.

4 years ago
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This has been my year, alot of soul searching. Reflecting back on some of the things in my life where it seemed not normal in a societal perspective. Along with looking back at the past 8 yrs of my life and where did I go wrong to fix lol. I have always felt different or unique, and do appreciate my "me" time now more than ever!
Kate T
Kate T
4 years ago
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From experience i know that if i start writing anything form my bio, it just feels like i don't explain enough it won't be ok, and if i do, i'll write a kilometric post! So instead, I am going to resume what helps me get in tune with myself and identify blocked energy or problems in my life.

First comes centering, calming down, slowing the pace, thinking about life and being somewhere where people do not project frustration or expectations onto you, but just love, simply for what you are, simply for having trust in your own person and what you are going to do. A place you can call home. Where you gladly go sleep and respect your body because you know that the moment you close your eyes a colorful set of images, dreams, ideas or warnings come to you. (Then again, i draw and paint so I tend to visualize a lot but forcing it consciously would be... a burden)

Another element is nature. When around nature and animals your real way of being comes out and usually animals go straight for your heart and see you as you are. Moreover, they react to your raw emotions, so you get to realize them better, because little to no people react to them normally anymore, and thus different nets of toxic behavior are created within the society under the mask of "everything will be ok". It also has to do with the flow of energy that occurs naturally as everything is interconnected and, obviously, you'll feel one hundred times better after horse riding in the woods for a couple of hours for example rather than watching TV between 4 walls at the 6th floor in the middle of a polluted (smells, sounds, minds) city.

Expression. Express yourself, find an artistic pursuit of some kind, maybe some acting workshops or photography if graphical art is not ok, with lively people and different mindsets. It's so refreshing, you might find something you like even though in the first place it seemed hard or not appealing. Throw in games. Childish games if you want. The kinds that make your mind alert while having fun at the same time. Because we all know what society does. It kinda puts our senses to sleep, or we do this to them because we have to protect/close when we have to deal with so much stress daily coming under so many different forms. A captured deer that needs healing/to recuperate from a car crash say, has 50% chances of dying just from the stress of being handled by humans and being put in an artificial habitat, between 4 walls/in an enclosure. Going back to the topic, I'm not even throwing in bad diets and little to no exercise yet in there either and one can already consider it has an unhealthy lifestyle :D

Of course these are the down sides, being the intelligent human beings that we are we have the opportunity to choose the better option/product of our minds or use the technological process in our favor (positively, finally, in a sustainable way, not destroying every green corner and patch of forest that we see)

I am mentioning these things because I believe, even with the native openess or psychic sensitivity that runs in the family too say (because it does in many cases.. or maybe not so many? talking of course about premonitions that materialized and have been expressed before they happened by the one who sensed them and so on not just projection, out of the body experiences and etc; or generations of healers... ^^), one has to take care of it through the lifestyle in itself and this means reducing certain things to a minimum, 1st toxic people and influences of this mental kind, 2nd environmental, 3rd diet and etc. It is not possible in so many cases though and i realize that, to some, empathy and these things came not from the start and they had to fight to keep them, but opened towards them after hardships and pressure.

And last but not least, travel if you can, go into an exchange of experience of some kind. Travelling helps a lot to be honest because it physically puts you out of that bubble of thoughts/energies/patterns of your environment. Challenge yourself, do not shy away from information or new things. Dream. Hope. Never lose it ;), because how things are at the moment, you are here to become something better, not to give up. Think about your heart and what you want, not what others want from you, then try to make a balance. We each have our own roles even if we still influence each other. Maybe write down your experiences. After years, drawing and writing will become invaluable to realizing where you came form and where you are heading to ^^.

Finally, for self discovery, you will need more time alone than other people. But, it is manageable, for it is a trade: you give quantity for quality!

Then again, it should remain a personal choice.

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