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Kaitlyn Brokaw
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Aw, sorry to hear this, I can feel you are having a hard time.

So, first of all, you have this connection with her. This connection is obviously deep, and your thoughts are unique, I have never heard of such a thing. This isn't helpful obviously, sorry! I feel like if you two are going to be together, she just hasn't been hit with the feelings yet. My intuition is saying that she is going through something in herself, and just kinda doesn't really know who she is right now. I think she needs time to discover her true self that has been hidden, and then it should hit her. I suggest you speak with Trevor Lewis on here for a clearing for yourself. Try to talk to her about getting one as well, this would ease her inner struggle. I feel like you two could really be soul mates or something in the future, just now is not the time. But remember, a soul connection doesn't automatically mean a romantic way. I have a soul connection with a super close friend, and we are only friends. But this is obviously a different matter, and a special matter. Around the whole thing, I am feeling a lot of sadness on your part, and she has confusion. This all sums up in the color orange for whatever reason. I am feeling a very orange vibe in this situation. Maybe you have issues with your sacral chakra?

I do not know if you use crystals, but I suggest Rose Quartz for your pain right now. And also Obsidian Snowflake for your sacral issues. I feel like you are quite off balance, and I would love to message you later with a lot more info!

Much love and light to you,

Kaitlyn x

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