Encountering resistance when trying to help people

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E Crawford
2 years ago
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I recently became aware of my empathic ability. I don't even remember how I arrived at the website, but when I read about empaths something clicked. It felt like I opened a whole new part of my mind. Immediately I felt a sense of comfort wash over me. Then rapidly almost as if I was looking at a film of my life. Everything came into perspective. I have experience an unusually painful life and have struggled to understand why. Now I feel at peace completely with my past. It's unexplainable.I think I may have opened myself up too much to people's vibrations tho. I have always felt people's emotions but now I'm having multiple encounters a day with people and am bombarded with so much at once about them. And I am aware of problems they have (not specifics but I know they are hurting for some reason) and also feel enlightened on how they can resolve or at least lessen their burdens. I have found with out fail tho that I am experiencing nothing but resistance. I am tuned in to the best way to approach them or in what way I can help (not giving advice straight out) but trying to put things in perspective for them. I am experiencing so much pain and anguish right now. I have completely accepted my empathic ability and finally feel like I know my purpose. But I can't feel all of this all the time. Why are people so resistant to me? Is this something anyone else has experienced?
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2 years ago
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They could just be scared. Most people will get kind of freaked out if they encounter someone who knows how they're feeling, and can tell if they're lying. On quite a few occasions I have asked a friend, "Hey, you okay?" and their face lights up with surprise and then confusion as to how I would know such a thing. One of my teachers even seems to shy away from me out of nervousness, which is really strange considering it's a full grown adult intimidated by a 14 year-old'spresence. There isn't much you can do, other than projecting positive energy around you and being nice.

But, all people are different. If you're finding it hard to help someone, try first getting to know them really well and have them comfortable around you. They should have an easier time opening up and not getting freaked out.

2 years ago
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From experience I have learned this.You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped.I have tried they just drain you.When they truly do want help and come to you for genuine advice then the healing can begin.I have noticed the worse thing is noticing something is wrong.For some reason they shy away and trust us less and put up walls because we see the pain no one else sees.
Cat Whisperer
2 years ago
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Yes! Been there, done that. In the end I have noticed that it just pushes them away from you even though you have good intension. Yes, it does drain you also. We have to remember as empaths that it is not our job to save the world of the people that do not seek out our help. This is hard because I am personally drawn to people in need, but I do encounter much resistance, that I then take on as my own....not fun. I feel that must people are not ready to confront their own demons, and they don't like to be reminded of them. The head in the sand thing. They will seek help when they are ready to deal. Sad thing is they may never be ready.
2 years ago
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I find that using force always meets resistance. I don't mean physical force, but far subtler than that. If we give advice or even suggestions and we are invested in the other person heeding them, then they are far more likely to resist what we say.

Can you think of a time when someone told you what to do, and you immediately didn't want to?

Show me a 'Keep off the grass' sign and I'll be dancing in the middle of the lawn before you know it ;-)

There's a verse in the Tao te ching (10) which contains the lines

Giving birth and nourishing,
having without possessing,
acting with no expectations,
leading and not trying to control:
this is the supreme virtue."

There's nothing wrong with giving advice when asked, but then we have to step back and let go of caring that our advice is taken. :-)

2 years ago
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Sometimes people have to go through a bad experience to learn from it. They have to go through the process of thinking it out. You can't do that for them and they will be offended if you try.

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