A Narcissist walks into my house on Sunday and

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2 years ago
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I almost forgot how intense the draw is to one.

My roommate was house sitting two dogs and the owner came by Sunday to pick them up...when the owner showed all of a sudden I was basically in love ...I wanted to talk to her..ask her questions...just be next to her to feel more what I felt....but I knew something was wrong so I went back to my room while she and my roommate talked outside.

So I did what a good Empath would do in that situation....range test ...I found out that if I stay 50 feet away I am not effected.

Later that night I though she may have been an Empath...we do have that type of effect when we meet...but after talking to my roommate about the owner's whining about the prices,the food the dogs did and did not eat and so on..i concluded the woman in definitely a Narcissist.

I actually dated a Narcissist last year for personal growth...not something I would suggest an Empath do unless they have an "escape plan"

Anyone run into one lately and how did you know they had NPD?

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2 years ago
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I'm not sure how related it is, but I (kind of) dated a sociopath a while back

he was also really narcissistic and I'm not sure how to separate out the two but i think the main attraction is that I didn't get any emotional "distraction" or "interference" from him like I do with everyone else because he basically did not have emotions. Being around him felt like being alone (it was a really strange feeling)

He turned out to be not that great of a person to be around (really manipulative) so it didn't last, but it's interesting to look back on.

2 years ago
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I had a 'friend' many years ago who, looking back, was a narcissist. At the time, I had no idea how manipulative she was being, or how much of an effect it was having on me. If I argued with her, she made it known that she was displeased - and for a while I would do anything to stop her being irritated with me or berating me for something she disproved of. And she pretty much examined every aspect of my life; if there was some part of my life she wasn't involved in, she forced me to include her.I always told myself that, at heart, she was a good person. I was looking for the spark of kindness and sweetness in her, and trying to cling on to it even as she hurt me.

I've since realised that losing her friendship - and better, standing the hell up to her, was one of the best things I ever did. I wish her health and happiness wherever she is - but I know I'm better off without her. It was like, in her opinion, I couldn't have any emotion that wasn't completely in line with her opinion.

The final straw came over a ridiculous argument that shouldn't have been too much of a deal - but it was the waves of coldness that came off her when I'm standing there, crying (unfortunately I cry when I'm angry as well as upset,) and trying to explain to her that she was being completely unfair and that family commitments are important, and I couldn't just drop them at the last minute. It was like knowing, finally, that she didn't care about me at all - and that, sadly, the sweet girl she had been at age 12 had completely disappeared into her narcissism by age 16-ish.

I suppose the fact that our friends had been flaking away from her for years should've been a clue - but she was exceptionally good at playing the injured party, and ensuring I never managed to get the full story out of anyone. She had no right to be like that with any of us - and, worse, she made me ashamed of my feelings and, to some extent myself; something which I'm still struggling with, years later. Don't let anyone treat you like this. You have the right to feel whatever you feel - no matter what anyone else says.

I apologise for the rant, but I've never really felt able to explain this to anybody - which, I guess, is what happened to the other girls who broke their friendship with her too.

2 years ago
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The narcissist I have meet don't seem put out the regular emotions most people do..regular people ther is an exchange...narcissists the emotions only come from me..which explains why I feel comfortable being by them..similar to being sucked into a black hole...lol

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