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315_discussions.jpg316_discussions.jpg317_discussions.jpg318_discussions.jpgHi Vyxyn

Many who are like us have a problem with people who are deeply "religious". If they truly took the time to analyse the teachings of Jesus, or any other enlightened prophet,they would come to understand that he was able to do what he did because he was a highly evolved empath. He knew what others were thinking because he could FEEL their emotions. He could help sick people because he could use Light energy to heal. Imagine what it must have been like to be as he was and feel so alone with no one to talk to about what he was FEELING. He was a member of the Essene sect of Judaism which were very highly evolved spiritual people like the Tibetan Shaolin monks. I was raised as a Catholic and, like a member ofmany other religions, was taught that if the informationdidn't come from a priest it was a lie and that I was "damned" to eternal flames if I didn't toe the line. Totally bogus.

You know the truth because you FEEL it. You cannot walk away from it because it is part of who you are as a empathic Lightworker. What you are is a spiritual being of Light and Love having a material experience. You are part of a new version of the human race that has more DNA and can experience things that "normal" people cannot. It is like being able to see color when the vast majority of the human race sees only black, white and shades of grey. Here at the EC you will be able to just relax and be at peace. All that is here is for you to learn from, add to, and grow with. You are no longer alone. Know that you are loved.

Throw some love into the wind.


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