Realization! This is kind of gross but i found it interesting!

3 years ago
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For as long as I can remember, watching someone throw up (in person or on screen) bothered me immensely. I always avoided movies where there is a 'throw-up-scene'. I assumed it was for the typical reason; its 'gross' therefore makes me feel queasy. On Halloween, a friend of mine got sick and I toughened up and helped her; rubbed her back/ held her hair. I realized that I'm not bothered by the look, sound, or smell of vomit, but seeing someone get sick or hearing it runs through my body and makes me feel as if I'm going to vomit/ just vomited. Its just the intense energy that I tend to gather from others!!! Typical yet gross empath realization. Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween.

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47th Wonder
47th Wonder
3 years ago
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My sister is just like you! Ever since she saw a vomit scene in a movie when she was younger, she could not stand to see someone throw up or even vomit herself. She has not thrown up since she was about 5 or 6. She also explained to me once that she has a very strong sense of smell and taste so if she were to vomit, she would be able to taste all of its flavor distinctly (disgusting, I know). She has gotten better dealing with vomit since a friend of hers threw up in her car but she still refuses to puke when she gets sick and avoids puke scenes or ppl that might throw up.

3 years ago
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ugh, me too!

My boyfriend drank a bit too much friday night and got really sick. I get REALLY bad physical and emotional sympathetic pains from people I care immensely about. It was rough.

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