Trevor Lewis
Trevor Lewis
4 years ago
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Not strictly a crystal but this is my favorite personal story in this vein from earlier this year:

I was participating in a weekend retreataweekbefore my 87 year old mother died. For one exercisethe facilitator sent us offon a huntto find meaningful rocks.

I felt directed away from the group down the driveway and onto the road. I looked down at the road building chippings by the side of the road and saw one that looked like it would make a goodpendulum orpendant. Really, ordinary roadside rocks? Youve got to be kidding me.

I picked it up along with two of its colleagues and headed back up to the house. I felt jealous as the rest of the group shared their stories about how they found their perfect rocks and crystals. Come on! I picked up ordinary road building chippings. I cant have done this exercise right.

I chose not to share with the group the process I went through to find myownrock.

By the third day after the retreat, the rock was callingtome to be worn round my neck. OK then! So what is this rock? I went out to the internet to find out what rocks are used in road building. Not limestone, not granite. Basalt!Next, what are the qualities of basalt? I found an interesting page on the web but, honestly, although the qualities sounded useful I really didnt connect with them. Not until I had worn the basalt rock around my neck every day for a week. Not until the day after my mother had rejoined our ancestors when I went back and reread the qualities of basalt. Not until I was in the middle of adjusting to the grieving process did I understand the words. I quote, This strong rock lends its strength and endurance to people as they try to continue in difficult times or deal with traumatic changes.

I wore that rock round my neckevery dayforovertwo weeks until the pendant broke. We were gathered at my mothers house with family and friends for a small celebration of her life. The pendant brokefive minutes before I started my eulogy for my mother. The rock landed on the floor. It had done its work.

Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer
4 years ago
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Very neat story Trevor! Thanks for sharing. Funny how little synchronicities happen like that in life. I am glad you were sent that extra little strength when you needed it most ;) I have found myself draw to different rocks/crystals maybe for reasons that I have not discovered yet.H.Z., I have found that different ones have different affects. My favorite for channeling Healing Light Energy is clear Quartz crystal, however, if I wear it for long periods of time I find it hard to sleep. Another favorite is Amithyst (sp?). But as in Trevor's experience, you will be drawn to the right ones.
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First of all, halloween was fine! The friday before was a little rough though. The boyfriend got super drunk (so drunk he got sick) and I get really bad sympathetic pains (both physical and emotional). eugh. Anyone else get these too? I only seem to get them when I'm directly around the person (as opposed to the emotional connection I seem to have even when across the country from people.

oh well, on to the point of the post.

I'm interested in any actual evidence that crystals are effective at all. Maybe it's just that I have a bad taste in my mouth from seeing so many people use crystals (ineffectively of course) as an alternative to actual, scientifically proven medicines (there's a lot of the anti-vaxxer type around where I live) that's giving me a prejudice, but I see no scientific reason besides good ol placebo effect that crystals would do anything.

Perhaps it is this placebo effect that is key. After all, if empaths sense and respond to the emotions of others, perhaps the placebo effect can be explained by "tricking" ourselves in to an empathic response. Of course, this would mean that the type of rock doesn't matter at all as long as you believe that it does what it's supposed to. That's all just conjecture though.

I'm interested to see what other people on this thread think. While anecdotal evidence is far from anything resembling proof (it doesn't check for placebo, after all) it's a good place to start

If anyone knows of any reputable scientific studies regarding rocks/crystals I'd love to see them.

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HannahZen, I work with crystals and also make crystal essences/elixirs and I have so many books about crystals you'd almost think I was a hoarder ;) stones and crystals that protect our energy field and transmute negative energy are really beneficial to empaths. Amethyst is very protective and energetically forms a bubble around you to protect you from negative energy. It's also associated with St.Germain and the Violet Flame which transmutes negative energy and anything that is not aligned with your highest good. Black tourmaline is known for its ability to fend of negative energy and is a great thing to carry with you to keep you safe. You may also want to consider rose quartz. It's energy is gentle but highly affective in opening the heart chakra, healing emotional wounds, filling you and your space with love and compassion and it helps raise your vibrations which is really important. Especially when you're an empath. The higher a person's vibrational level is the happier they are and they're able to start living a life of love. The more we heal ourselves the more we can help others heal :) hope this helps some

With love and light -Michelle

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