Strange Happening

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Kaitlyn Brokaw
2 years ago
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On Tuesday this week, we were driving home, and I was staring out the window-as usual. And I saw this man. Super tall and huge, he was really far away from where we were driving, but I could see him perfectly. He was glowing white, all white, almost looked like he had a headlamp on, but he didn't, it was just him. He was wearing a trench coat that was massive, and this silky looking pants. It was so strange, and I felt myself go very still until he was out of sight. But I could not stop watching him, and he was looking around for something on the ground or something. He was really confused. Does anyone have thoughts or something on this?

Lots Of Love,

Kaitlyn x

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2 years ago
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Sometimes spirits hang around for the oddest said he seemed to be looking for something...I'd go back and see if I could help in any way....get a sense as to what he's looking for...but obviously it's not there or he's in the wrong place looking...I think he's in the wrong spot...

2 years ago
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From my experience some spirits can't be help.Be careful.

2 years ago
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Could be a spirit...ghost...someone doing an out of body experience...stay guarded no matter what it is.

2 years ago
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i have no idea

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