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2 years ago
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i'm so excited and eager to explore the one thing about me that I've struggled with my whole life. Im sure we can all agree, its a blessing and a curse. The first time i heard the term empath was this past summer. I was extremely interested, and when i looked it up, it all fell into place. Even today, after i sent out the request to join this group, work was getting busy; people were walking in and out. Things have been getting so hectic lately in my life that even just a constant change in surrounding energies works me up. While this anxiety was occurring, my friend called me having some personal issues. i began to feel her pain and it took me a while to center my thoughts. Im hoping i can get some advice and make new friends throughout this site. I hope nothing in this went against the restrictions. hope you all have a lovely night

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Scott Yates
2 years ago
62 posts
Welcome. I look forward to your input and experiences throughout your stay here.
Gin S
2 years ago
225 posts

Welcome to EC Charlotte. Explore and read others posts here. There are so many ideas to try. Don't forget to look at the empath survival guide. It is a great place to start. :)

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