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Kaitlyn Brokaw
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I can also tell someone's problems in life, and background story very well after just meeting them, and sometimes, not even properly meeting them. It sure does sound like you are an empath! Welcome into this knowing life :) Yes, I can always tell when someone is lying, and I have always felt someone watching me.

Now, about your dream first, I believe that this dream was a night time visitor wanting to mess with you. This has happened to me a lot, but stopped after I smudged the house.

A lot of the time, when we feel that someone or something is watching us, or following us, we tend to make it into it is something bad. But it could be your angel or something trying to protect you and watch over you. You could also be feeling left over energies from your past, or someone else's past. I recently got rid of a lot of stuff in my closet, and now it does not feel like something is watching me from over there.

I suggest you invest in some crystals, protection crystals. Google it, there are loads for so many things! Ebay has some really nice ones that are easy on the wallet. Etsy also has some really nice ones too.

Lots of Love,

Kaitlyn xx

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That is what happened to me minus the dreams. Yeah you are an empath. I can try guessing what your dream means.

The white space is your innocence or your purity, but when the devil(your impurity) comes in then you hide from it and it tries to take you away, and convince you that deep down you are going to be impure. I think if that is true, the best thing to do in the dream is to not be afraid of the devil. You love your family and Jesus, and the devil does not love either of them and wants to take you over(your inner potential for evil = devil, we all have one). Everyone has to fight the devil to become an angel. 'Good = weak' is a lie. The devil wants to control you, so just control the devil. Control or be controlled, from what I can tell, running and trying to eradicate the devil won't help. The potential for evil and good are eternally in all that lives, therefore the evil potential can only be controlled and it is impossible to erase forever.

Well I kinda just blarted that paragraph. Idk if it is true but I hope it helps. I am just venting what I understand and have not said yet. I do not know if this means that was a revelation or if that means I just got a really good skill at guessing lol.

I am not a traditional Christian but you seem to be. The bible had stated that only those who can do evil could be tempted, and even Jesus was tempted. Everyone can do evil, but not everyone is evil. So while noone can be good, they can be consistently pure. Hope this helped.

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Hi Carley

You may think that this "devil" can harm you; the truth is,( as are all things that are not based in the Light,) that it is a LIE. You will notice that the bullet never gets to you and stops before it can. More evidence of a lie. Thus, the opposite of what this dream tells you is the truth. You are an empathic Lightworker who, along with your white light energy, has come into this world at this time to elevate the levels of Light, Life and Love. You are very deeply connected to the Higher realms and, like many of us feel better around children, animals, other empaths, and the Higher realms. You never feel alone because you are not. That Feeling is your guide and guardian angel who is with you always and forever. It will never, ever, leave your side both now and always even when your time here, as Carley, is over.

You are connected to the emotions of others because you are, like us, an empath. You have elevated and additional DNA. This is happening to a lot of people in this world at this present time due to the Awakening. It is a real elevation of the human race to a new level. When I joined the EC I was the 33rd member after Elise. We are now approaching 7,000. That is how many people that have similar traits and experiences like you. You are not alone and can feel free to express yourself openly and no longer need to feel outside and alone in this experience. We are like you and one with you. We FEEL the oneness of all life everywhere. So, there is no longer any need to hide away in a box. Come and join us and let us take hold of your hand and walk in the Light together. Know that you are loved

Throw some love into the wind.


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