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2 years ago
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So I've been spending more time in nature, which is always nice, and normally doing so makes me feel grounded. But I seem to be changing, yet again. Now instead of feeling mostly grounded, I feel flighty. The place I go to has a stream with waterfalls and the energy is just amazing! It affects me so much that I feel lightheaded, almost dizzy. And has anyone had an increased need or light? Even sunlight? I'm wondering if this is an empath thing.

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2 years ago
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I'm from a place without the seasonal changes experienced by most of the continental US. Not that I live in a place with seasons. Fall and winter almost drive me crazy. And it isn't just the cold. The sunlight feels like a drug that I can't quite get and I feel flighty and not grounded as well. Since increased vitamin D intake and staring at white lights don't help much, I think it may be due to other factors. Maybe it is some connection to the change of seasons/strength of sunlight, etc that changes how we process nature. Or perhaps not.

2 years ago
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Is that the only place you feel ungrounded?....and has anything changed in your living/working environment?...

Cat Whisperer
2 years ago
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I feel somewhat melancholy in the fall/winter due to lack of sunlight. I start to feel restless followed by the melancholy. Yes, I feel less grounded then too. Sunlight does help but it is hard finding adequate doses due to the less hours of light. However, going to a tropical location helps but is not always an option.

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