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2 years ago
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I became aware I am an Empath several years ago. I was at work, and I noticed shadows, and one day I 'felt' someone coming up behind me, I thought a co-worker was going to scare me. I turned around and I felt someone run through me and there was no one there. I felt the impact though. After that, I hadn't seen the shadows - until this week. I sensed someone coming into the kitchen, and it appeared tall - I thought it was my son. When I turned around - there was no one there. And then the past couple of days, I've seen shadows again.

I think this is a spirit that followed me when I was a child.I went to Germany when I was 6 for the first time to meet my grandparents. We went sight seeing at Heidelberg castle, and part of the tour was in the dungeons. It was very unnerving, After that,I remember the feeling of being watched, and I wasn't scared. One day, I asked to see what he looked like, and I had a vision of something that scared me - and I said so. I never felt his presence again, although I'm sure he has been with me all this time. I started meditating, and I asked to know his name, I've been calling him Andrew.

I just wondered how long it might take to reconnect with my spirit after all this time? I recall when I was about 12, my dad forgot to pick me up from a 4-H meeting, and I was at the park at night, and this big dog came up to me and sat down and stayed with me until dad came and got me. I've had several instances where I have been protected, now that I look back on my life.

Sorry for rambling on,


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Kit Kat
2 years ago
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Welcome to the EC :) I hope you find what you need here. That's interesting about the castle, and the spirit following you! And it's amazing to be protected...

Scott Yates
2 years ago
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2 years ago
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Hi Trisha

What you have felt is your guardian angel. He is very real and will always be with you. If you wish to have a more in depth relationship you have to ask for it. Angels cannot interfere with our free will choices. If you ask the information will begin to flow to you and you will FEEL a much deeper relationship with the higher realms, our real HOME, and obtain a greater understanding of the fact that you are, like all of us, a spiritual being having a material experience. If you have a look at the links that I have sent to you it will give you a greater understanding of what it means to be empathic. I can also recommend books for you to read that will give you a deeper connection and understanding about your adventure here in this world and why you are here at this particular time and under these circumstances. I have been doing research for more than a few decades and am very willing to share all that I have learned with you or anyone who asks. I would be very, very interested in your past experiences with angels who have protected you as this would add further information to what I already know and it would then be passed on to others to help them. Once again welcome to the EC.

Throw some love into the wind.


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